zaterdag 14 februari 2009

My second participation to the challenge of Artarazzi. I have promised her to write this blog in English but djeeezzz that not yet turned out better than expected. LOL.
I have tried a gothic imitate topic with a personal photograph from my youth. I find it the funniest photograph which I have from my childhood.

Me-Myself and Freubel.
Please don't think that I walk around in Gothic clothing :-) My children would laugh itself for their crazy mother.

*Just click on the pictures for a larger view.

9 opmerkingen:

Veronica zei

WOW This is great - love the photo!! Thanks for taking part


Vron xx

Faye zei

Rian, this is adorable. Your childhood picture is so sweet. You are a beautiful girl! The "gothrization" of your picture is a scream!!! Very well done. Also, I love how you made a place where you showed what you used to create your art piece. Great job!

And thanks for your lovely comments on my entry with my baby picture.

Your English is fine. Thanks for writing your post in English.

Femmy zei

ooh Rian, dit is prachtig!!!
ben zelf nog maar net begonnen met digitaal werken, dit is mijn 4e keer dat ik meedoe, moet nog erg veel leren op dit gebied.
fijn weekend.

Taluula zei

Hey this is fantastic, it say's lots about you. Bravo.

June zei

Oh wow what a fantastic scene you have created. Wonderful work as always you are so clever
Hugs June xxx

indybev zei

A lovely piece of art! You are very talented. (Regarding your note on my entry, I AM in mine, it is my face on Marie Antoinette!) I appreciate that you take the time to show us the elements in your art.

Ozstuff zei

I think you must be a secret Goth want-to-be!!
This is absolutely beautiful. I love the way you have listed your credits.
Few of we English speakers can converse in another language and I am always so impressed at the language skills of you and a lot of others who can handle English which must be a nightmare to learn.

Tacey zei

Rian, this is fantastic. Love the goth's very well done. Your English is just fine! :-)

Janice zei

Love the way you have shown all the elements you used in this art.