zondag 15 maart 2009

Thema ; "Geheugensteuntjes".
Every now and then I add a few links to remember. A so called "little memory support" for myself. I frequently find them when I'm surfing to add elements for my images and sometimes other blogspotters helping me.
But first I want to tell this;
1) A couple of months ago, I got of my son a splendid photograph book. "perhaps it will inspiring you Mom" he said. I found it so nice of him ! You can find a selection of the book > HERE < . (Just click on the right corner of the book)
2)The Great War postcards (1914-1918) Surprising !
3)Saddington & Baynes / creative digital retouching of your photo's. Proffesional but inspiring !
4)DP-illustrations. / Portfolio and online shop for poster design and illustration art, from retro to modern graphic design. (just linking for some ideas.)
5)Outsider-artists.net / Free vintage images.
6)Faestock's Models-Poses by deviantart.
7)Corbis.com / Cute vintage children.
8)TIP Artists of PHOTOSHOP. Click on CATEGORIES to find a photoshopper from your country.
9)Art on paper / a set on Flickr.
10)Melissa Clifton.com / AndyWarhol-up-your-photographs. TUTorial
11)The Cutestblogontheblock / How to make your own background.
12) TIP All clouds.com / 210 Cloud Photo Wallpapers.

Furthermore I found (again!) a few sites for the BBW. (Big and Beautiful Woman.)
Everone knows that I am "plus sized" and that I'm not ashamed for that. It was a long process to accept myself !
I'm HAPPY, I am who I am...I am me and I feel free ! My weight doesn't matter anymore because Big ladies are sexy - sassy and have a positive look on life.
If you want to see (or know) more concerning this respectfull subject and links ; then click my labels / "Dikbuikjes". You wil also find some more Picture badges of BBW-ART

* Just click on the picture for a larger view.
* The figures correspond to the images.
1)Maaike A. Vocking-van der Meer (her website)
3)Art from Geertrud Hartog
4)Paintings from Ada Breedveld.
5)Marielle Fransensculptures
6)Suzan Wolters Joyfull Beach paintings.
7)Julia Woning. Acryl paintings.
8)Corrie Kuipers, a Dutch painter and illustrator. Scroll down to her cupcakes.
9)Sanne Kuiper
BBW follow-up.
B)BBW grapics (http://caramelcomments.com)
C) BBW sparkle images / http://www.sparkletags.com
D) BBW Glitters / http://www.myspacenation.net
E)limegreenpikkle's BBW photostream by flickr.
F)BBW art by Google
and DeviantArt.

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