maandag 23 maart 2009

Theme; Before and After in a few staps.

I used a tutorial to add light effects. Placed some aninmals into my pic.
That lovely girl was so nice to pose again :D and I found a old garbage-can.
Further I add a simple warm filter and play around with a gradient/overlay and shadows. DONE for today I have to work now :-)

*Just click on the picture for a larger view

3 opmerkingen:

Moeke zei

Mooi mooi mooi!!!..Mitch is ook leuk gedaan lieverd en Vincent vinnik helemaal te gek!! klasse weer!!..nog een fijne avond verder meiss!! kuzzzzz..

Cassu zei

Hi! And thanks for your comments about my Red Daisy girl. I like your digital art very very much. You are so professional! I but your link to my favorites. :)

Barb zei

Hi, what fantastic digital art - love what you created!