vrijdag 24 april 2009

Theme; Challenge by Artcreationsfriday.
This time I want to use a few personal things to add at this entry. It seemed me nice to try it at once.
When you look at the background from the first picture, you see me walking in the "Brabantse" forest. (The province where I live)
Further I wrote some words (with my Wacom tablet) to the journal that I made. (it's my own handwriting) and add a little photo of our garden.

After that; I started with the Challenge.
When I saw the picture I first had to think about Calamity Jane but when I google't I saw that she was more "sturdy ?" then the picture given by Femmy :D
My second thougt was to use a covered western wagon....but FINALY it became this.

*Just click on the pictures for a larger view.
I used the technique of the Quick-mode (Q) to separate every piece of her clothes and skin. Then I changed the colour-balances. Further I add the filter highlights with a blendingmode/ color burn and some brushes.
* CREDITS for the background > CLICK here <

Thanks for looking and I'm glad to see this week all your creative entry's made for this challenge.
Warm greetings. Rian

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Kelly zei


Yvonne zei

Amazing work! Beautiful.

Evelyn S. zei

Every week, it's an adventure to view your creations!

Anoniem zei


Femmy zei

schitterend Rian!!!

vintage wil zei

Gorgeous work!!

Elizabeth zei

Schitterende creaties!! Hoe krijg jij het toch altijd weer zo mooi bijelkaar gezocht en dan ook nog zo snel klaar.Die van gisteren is ook erg mooi.

Ozstuff zei

Your collage is amazing - and beautiful. I love all the colour you have added, especially to the image of the cowgirl. Fantastic work,

indybev zei

How I wish I could sit beside you and watch you create one of your pieces, Rian. What a treat that would be. This is wonderfully done.

http://truutske.punt.nl zei

Gorgeous artwork.

Louise (KardKrazy) zei

Wow, this is amazing! Love what you did with the image.

Amy zei

WOW!! Gorgeous work..I love the scenery and book..fabulous!!

Cynthia zei

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Love your journal and love the 2nd one also and REALLY love the rabbit! Smile all around!

Faye zei

Both your creations are gorgeous. I love the first for its personal touches. The second one places our cowgirl in the Buffalo Bill era and she seems to be very comfortable there. (Your poster is similar to mine.)

Stacy zei

Rian, your work is superb! You really have me reading my manuals trying to achieve a fraction of your talent! Your "personal scene" is a real treat for us! Lovely garden and beautifully and so imaginatively presented to us! Thank you!
(My daughter has a Wacom which she brought home for me the last weekend she was home from college - I tried to hide it but she remembered and took it back :(
I didn't realize what a great birthday present I gave her a couple of years ago!

Buffy zei

Gorgeous,that background goes so well with her.Love your book spread too.

Taluula zei

You never fail to amaze me with your beautiful work. Bravo.

Jean zei

I have learned so much by coming to your blog site! This entry is so CREATIVE and inspiring as always! You continue to amaze me and I realize I have so much to learn! In that endeavor, I am so excited to take a stab at your latest tutorial! Thank you!

AliMayes zei

You are so clever! I am astounded by your work!
Ali xx

Jean zei

Rian, Yes it has only been a few weeks since learning photoshop from Stacy.She is a GREAT! teacher and very patient. I always look forward to getting together with her. She is so knowlegeable and very creative in her own right. I am looking at one of your recent designs with all those delicious desserts,so refreshing and very colorful. I love it!!!!

Char zei

Simply a fabulous background for the Cowgirl.

Ellen zei

stunning , beautiful colours. (I wish photoshop had a quick mode )