dinsdag 28 april 2009

Theme ; PUZZLE tutorial with photoshop
For quite some time I walked around with this idea but my son said to me (when I showed him the tut. that I found) "Mom..that's NOT possible with YOUR version of photoshop"! "You have CS2 and for THIS you need at least CS3"!!
But ohh my gosh...I can be soooo pigheaded whahaa. And LOOK...I succeeded !! And you won't believe it. It took only 15 minutes time to learn.
And my SON ? Well he was so impressed and PROUD of me that he cuddled me hihi. He had a BIG smile when I tould him that THIS time I was his teacher. For the first time it happend the other way around. What a moment ! LOL
I will try to make a tutorial of it but actualy, the credits are for ; photoshopessentials.com ( I've changed it a little on my manner because I have the CS2 version)
The picture is from Valerie Brinchek.


3 opmerkingen:

Elizabeth zei

Schitterend, wat heb je dit weer prachtig gedaan!! Bedankt ook weer voor de tutorial.

Jean zei

Rian, How clever of you, to figure this one out. I could tell you had fun with this one. Very creative! I'm going to have to try your tutorial .

Ineke zei

Goedemorgen lieve Rian ,
Was ik weer , gaat gelukkig weer de goede kant op .Wil je ook nog even bedanken voor je lieve berichtjes en mails. Heb even al je mooie werkjes bewonderd want loop behoorlijk achter zie ik wel
Ziet er weer schitterend uit zeg en je banner is ook heel erg mooi gedaan , mooie kleuren .
Ik kom je gelijk even een hele fijne koninginnen dag toe wensen .
Veel plezier vandaag en geniet van het lekkere weer .
Liefs en een knufffff .