zaterdag 18 april 2009

Theme; a WONDERFUL challenge by Artarazzi.
This one took ours to work on Vron but 'djeeez' what a feast to make this picture !
During my photoshop 'proces' the crying manequinn changed into a gipsy.
I will include the tutorials how I did it and hope that someone like it. If there are any questions..please ask and I will try to help you.

Tut.Part 1
Tut. Part 2

6 opmerkingen:

indybev zei

Oh Rian, it takes genius to choose the elements you use to enhance your images! I so admire your proficiency with Photoshop! This is wonderful!

Cynthia zei

Thank You Thank You,
well, I think you English is a lot better than my Danish (Is Danish correct?)
I loved looking at your challenge, I use PS Elements, but have cs3 but have really not leaned to use it - it is so nice of you to pass on the information! I am really impressed by your work!

Amy zei

I like how you show all the piece's on seperate sheets and how you created your masterpiece! Great work puting it all together. I like all her bling!

Faye zei

Amazing, Rian. Your digital art work is truly art, and not just a craft. I'm afraid most of us are still dabblers. Your piece is so gorgeous. Your explanations are so appreciated. I wouldn't have thought to go to the black and white image and do my own face painting. Very impressive.

Elizabeth zei

Schitterend, echt weer klasse wat je hier weer van gemaakt hebt!!
Bedankt weer voor je tuts, deze bewaar ik om straks te oefenen als ik mijn Photoshop CS krijg.

Anoniem zei

Great take on the challenge! Your website is amazing!