zondag 17 mei 2009

Theme ; Challenge by Artarazzi.
This week was our guest designer Bev. And ooohhh what a cute and adorable picture she has given us to work with. Vron wrote on her blog that Bevnot let us down ! She is entirely right what about that ! Thanks so much Bev. This challenge brought me a lot of fun making it.
*Just click on the pictures for a larger view and thank you all for looking.

"Work in progress"

6 opmerkingen:

Jean zei

Rian, love all the birds! Picture postcard perfect!!!

Faye zei

Wow, Rian, how cool to use all the kids in different areas of your piece! This is amazing! Keep up the good work. We are all learning from you.

indybev zei

I looked forward to what you would do with this one, Rian, and you made magic yet again. This is amazing, with your usual perfect eye for detail. APPLAUSE!

Femmy zei

oohh weer helemaal geweldig, alle kinderen een eigen plekje en al die mooie vogels. fantastisch!! ben weer diep onder de indruk!!!!

Elizabeth zei

Wat een schitterende creatie weer met zoveel details!! Je blijft kjiken en ontdekt steeds weer wat nieuws.

daisy zei

Very imaginative & I luv how you have coloured the girls. Excellent!