zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Theme ; Challenge by Artarazzi.
I LOVED making this one because i'm such a huge fan of grunge and altered Art. Many times I add rusty elements to my lay-outs.
So thank you soooo much for this challenge Vron and specialy Daisy as our guest designer this week !!
What a feast to "fiddle" with this entry.

As you wish, click on the images for a larger view to see my 'work' in progress AND the credits.

11 opmerkingen:

indybev zei

Oh WOW! This is brilliant! I love the way you draw things together and create things of beauty. Your talent is so impressive, Rian!

Ozstuff zei

I have to agree with Bev. This IS brilliant and such a wonderful work of art. You are a genius!

daisy zei


I'm quite speechless, well not quite. I luv how you have taken the central part of the photograph & used it throughout your piece & all the complimentary additions you have used. Fantastic!

Femmy zei

ben het helemaal met de vorige "spreeksters" eens, wat weer een fantastisch geheel!!
ben er helemaal "weg"van!!!

Anita zei

POEH HEEEEE da hedde gij wir us ekkes mooi gemakt!!

Janice zei

Oh my you certainly have been inspired, this is fantastic - a real work of art.

Cynthia zei

beautiful and complicated creation you made!

Cynthia zei

Thanks for visiting my new blog! I am getting ready to go traveling, so made a wandering blog:) Appears that you have also been very very busy!

Anoniem zei

Outstanding!I too love of my favorite digital art style.

Jean zei

Rian,I love grunge also. You mastered this one,as always! Your work is magical!!! Thank you Rian, for the clown info.I really appreciate you effort.

Susie Jefferson zei

I am absolutely in AWE! I thought this was a real book! And I didn't realise that even the background was digital. This is a phenomenal piece - and technically brilliant too. Wow, wow, wow.