maandag 15 juni 2009

It seems so long ago that I played around with my funny bathing beauties.
When I started two years ago with this blog I used them often to photoshop. Beside fabulous Hilda (from Duane Bryers) are they one of my favorite subjects.
I even think of putting back my banner which I have once made of them.

The credits for this flowering background (a postcard ) are for Sassyarts

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Susie Jefferson zei

Just to let you know, I have awarded you a Kreativ blogger award because I think you totally deserve it:

So please click on the link to collect it if you would like (and also to read my comments about your wonderful blog).

Anoniem zei

Ha Meissie, kom weer eens een kijkje nemen...mis een boel hier zie ik wel...

Whahahahaha deze is zo helemaal jij...geweldig.

En is het genieten van je nieuwe optrekje...

Beloof dat ik weer terug kom...
Groetjes Nellie en rebbeltje hihi

kch zei

It looks wonderful with the background you used!