vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Theme ; Challenge by ArtCreationsFriday
Mostly I have some problems using a background from someone else. It is difficult for me to invent something with that. BUT ! A challenge is a CHALLENGE ! Isn't it ?

This entry took a few hours to make. I struggled with the lassotool (one of the hardest tools to use I think...I rather use a path and pentool to cut out elements) Further I played around with the WARPtool to past my pic. into the book.
And my Wacom !!(I am nowhere without my tablet !)
Credits for Mother & child > KLIK < The rest was stored on my pc or made by myself such as the triangle shapes.
* If you wish ; click on the picture for a larger view. And Thanks for looking ! Heartly greetings.

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Ozstuff zei

What can I say about this stunning work? I am blown away. I am lost for words! I can see all the work you have put into it and the result is so beautiful. I love your old book - and the use of the original picture on the opposite page. Your colours are amazing. This is one of the best pieces I have ever seen.

Faye zei

This is so gorgeous. You are the most talented digital artist, Rian. The creativity is this piece is amazing.

indybev zei

I agree with Marie and Faye, Rian, it's just remarkable. So many little details -- the script in the black and white at the top, the birds legs and eye, and now I have to go back and look again! Using the open book was brilliant as well. Standing ovation to you!!!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Totally awesome art...gorgeous!!

daisy zei


Rian this is just amazing ... the others here have said it all already! I echo their sentiments completely.

Applause! Applause!

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups zei

Incredible! Fantastic! Marvelous! I absolutely love it!

ca-LO-ri-'tje... zei



MOI... zei



Gayle Page-Robak zei

Hi, it's Gayle. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I commented on this artpiece yesterday but wanted to your question about PhotoShop. I have never done any digital art until this past week. I was to take a Paint Shop Pro8 workshop over a year ago and it was cancelled when the instructor took ill. I decided to give it a try since I had to get the software at that time. So I am trying to learn on my own...it is a struggle and I want to learn so my efforts will be minimal, for sure. I do own Photo Shop, but since the PSP8 was newer I decided to go with it. I will never accomplish the things you do, but will have fun trying to create something :) Be well. Hugs, Gayle.

Char zei

Simply fabulous. Wonderful bird.

Anne zei

This came out wonderfully!

Faye zei

Rian, I thought I had your email address but I don't. To answer your question. I was trying to change the color of the background and did some things with filters and with gradient, but it doesn't look like gradient. I really don't know how I wound up with this color combo. If I figure it out, I'll be back to let you know. I really should write down what I am doing so I can duplicate it. Whatever I ended up at, I remember I had a choice of many different combinations. I thought this one went best. Then I enhanced the color to match the dresses.

Ineke zei

Zoweee Rian,
Deze is ook super gaaf gemaakt meis .
Mooi gedaan , mijn complimenten .
Liefs Ien xxx

lorhen82 zei

Rian, this is SO beautiful! You really did a lot with the original image, and you have made a stunning creation with it. Well done! ~Lori

stamp and scrape zei

I forgot to comment on this last week - love how you divided up the piece with the triangles. Your work never fails to inspire me.