woensdag 17 juni 2009

Theme ; Challenge The Three Muses, OPEN DOOR.
Have you ever experienced that the toiletdoor was accidentally OPEN ????
Anxious isn't it ? Bet that you got Spanish suffocated.

Tutorial OPEN DOOR

Work in Progress & CREDITS

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Judy zei

WOW, stunning art, I love the quirkyness of it!!
Thanks for your tutorial on the creation, I must try it out myself, just bought PS Elements 6 but not having much success!

vintage wil zei

This is gorgeous !!

indybev zei

Oh Rian! I am laughing SO hard. When I was a child, we actually had an outhouse, and an old Sears & Roebuck catalog provided our toilet paper. (No one liked the shiny pages!) Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

indybev zei
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lorhen82 zei

Funny! Thanks for leaving me a comment - this is the first time I've seen your blog. I really appreciate all of the how-to's you give! I need all the help I can get! ~Lori

Gayle Page-Robak zei

There is good reason to leave THIS door wide open! Laughing so hard here and this is such a typical scene of what once was. Excellent!

Kelly zei

gorgeous work of art!

Nan zei

Enjoyed this door so much. And I love your tutorials as i am a beginner and your info is so great! Thanks!

Lynn Stevens zei

oh my gosh, this is toooo funny, you know his jobs not done till the paperworks done teehee!

Lori Saul zei

This is amazing! What a wonderful ,original piece- and the tutorial is great. Cracking up here!

Martina2801 zei

WOW...this is awesome...gorgeous work !

Jean zei

Rian, your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me!! I wonder who he is talking to on the other end of the line? Wouldn't they be surprised? This is by far one of your funniest challenges to date. I look forward to your next work of art!!

Virginia zei

Wonderful!! Just love it..

José zei

Dit is echt heel erg!!! Grappig!!! En ondanks de open deur toch een heel mooie kaart! :)

Ozstuff zei

Rian, I thank you for making me laugh out loud. And when I finished laughing I was able to see the amazing work you have put into your doors picture. We are so lucky to have you here.
Thanks for the tutorial on opening doors. And we got to see a "hunk" because the door was open!!

Janny zei


Muse zei

Oh my goodness Rian this is superb, it made me laugh out loud. I also must tell you that your artwork is absolutely stunning, always and every time, and this one is gorgeous.

Astrid Maclean zei

Stunning! Love the sense of humour in your creation, (I know a loo that looks just like that).
Thanks for the tutorial also!

Terri Kahrs zei

Soooo original, clever and funny! Bravo!

Ellen zei

Rian this is amazing and such fun.
thank you for the explanations how you got there. I've got a lot to learn.

en ja hoor ik spreek Nederlands dus volgende keer...

stamp and scrape zei

So, so funny. Totally outrageous, but artfully done. Fabulous!

I really appreciate your comments - a lot of the thanks goes to you - your walkthroughs are very helpful and inspiring.

ca-LO-ri-'tje... zei




Rosie zei

I love your digi-art... it absolutely rocks!! That's a cute cowboy, by the way!!
The tutorials are fab and I am definitely going to try out the Art Nouveau. Thanks for sharing your talent - I'm glad you liked my puzzle!! =)

Heather Robinson zei

I just wanted to let you know that you made my day in two ways. First of all, you leave an awesome comment on my blog and second of all you create this amazing piece of artwork that has me in stitches! Bravo to you and a big warm thanks for your support.

Mary zei

This is so funny and very well done!

Anne zei

This looks great, and it made me chuckle, Rian! And thanks for the tutorial on how you created it.

Dianne Q Adams zei

Too funny! Thanks for the tutorial.

Stacy zei

What a hoot! Rian, it always amazes me how great your captions are, especially since they are in english! Spot on, my friend!

daisy zei

What a scream! Thank you for putting a smile on my face - a brilliant way to start the day (for me I mean, not for him!!)

I luv your tutorials - I would never have thought about opening a closed door - you have great creativity & talent!

I luv visiting your blog & thank you for all you teach me xx

Anoniem zei

Ha helemaal freubel...geweldig!!!

Groetjes van dieje spacer die vergeet af en toe hier een kijkje te nemen...sorry

Maar ben er nu weer en wie weet onthoud ik de weg er naartoe hihi

Groetjes Nellie

herminesplace zei


peppapig zei

Brilliant,can't stop laughing!!!

Petra Tillmann zei

Dit is erg grappig!

Taluula zei

Rian this is so much fun, and made me laugh out loud. I love it and I applaud you for your wonderful creativity, originality and technical ability. Thank you so much for explaining how you achieved this lovely picture as so many artists are interested in the journey of your art.

Lynifyni zei

This is too wonderful...what a chuckle I got out of it! And thanks for the lesson, I'm trying to get going with digital! LynnF

Elegia zei

Wow, You are really really talented! Love your idea and the way you did it. I have to admire your extraordinary creativity.

Zj'net zei

Whahaha... even gauw een reactie tussendoor (ja, zit even uitgebreid te buurten bij je nu) want ik kan niet anders. Zit hier te schuddebuiken van 't lachen! Oftewel: you got me cracking up here! En niet alleen van 't ploatie, want die is al hilarisch, maar ook nog 's van jouw vertaling van 'spaans benauwd'... Spanish suffocated... geweldig!
Even eten en dan ga ik straks even verder neuzen hier. Daarna ga ik schrijven... een lange mail, zoals beloofd!
Knuvvel uut t noorden, Zj'net

~*~Magpie's Nest zei

you have a great sense of humour