dinsdag 28 juli 2009

I'm glad to be back at the challenges and this one is for Thethreemuses.
Theme ; "Who has inspired you ?"
Well, with my website , of which the "paint is still wet" in my mind, I can only think about one person at this moment! My SON Mitchell !
He's now almost 21 years old and and what he can create with the technology of a pc ! I'ts unimaginable ! I'm so proud of him.
Not only for his patience when he was trying to explain the script-language to me but most of all...for his inspiring ideas and support !
An inspiring person is someone for me of which i what can LEARN. How "old" as i am and the age of another one is then not important for me.

"Work in progress"
1)I created first a digital PIXEL/mozaik = filter
with a layermask/coloured gradient.
2)Then a used a texture with cracked glass. Blendingmode Screen
3)Played a little with gradients and brushes.
4)Font = Jellyka (dafont)

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Ozstuff zei

Rian, it is so good to see you back "at work" and with a wonderful new blog page. I love that you have chosen your son as your inspirational person. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful and clever son to help and inspire you. Your picture is stunning. FREUBEL IS BACK. HURRAY!!

indybev zei

We've missed you, your sweet comments, and your amazing work, Rian. Welcome back! This is a gorgeous entry, and your heartfelt words make it even more special. Thanks for taking part in our challenge.

Terri Kahrs zei

Rian, your entry is stunning! And it's wonderful that your inspirational person is your son! Also, your new blog is beautiful! Hugs, Terri

Judy zei

Wow, amazing art, so glad to see you back, now you will inspire me!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Loved your inspirational choice...he sound like a wonderful young man. Your art piece is stunning, very effective, and so, so beautiful!

Rosanna zei

Beautiful work and a loving tribute to your son.

Amy zei

Children are very inspirational and keep us going! This is really fantastic and heartwarming..he would be happy to see this. You love him so much!

Lori Saul zei

Fantastic tribute to your son- wonderful and visually amazing piece!

AliMayes zei

Welcome back Rian. This is amazing digital work and what a great inspiration for you! I love the new blog too.
Ali xx

Eila A zei

Wonderful artwork, both technically and esthetically! And yes, an inspirational person can be of any age. This is a beautiful way from you to say thank you to your son.

Taluula zei

Rian, wonderful to see you back you have been missed so much.

What a tribute to your son that he has inspired you so much with his help, and patience. Bravo my friend.

Lynifyni zei

Wonderful!!! Love your work, Rian! LynnF

Alberta zei

This is brillaint and touching, Rian. I loved reading about your son, Mitchell. I have two very creative young men of my own, ages 27 and 20, and I know firsthand how one can be inpired by and learn from her children. I hope you showed this to your son!!!!

Martina2801 zei

Excellent digital artwork !

Luisa Migon zei

Absolutely FANTASTIC creation!!!!

Moeke zei

Mooi eerbetoon aan Mitch lieverd!! hij verdient het hoor!!!..mooi gedaan weer..kuzzzzzz..

Rosie zei

Hey Rian! Glad you're back!!! I always enjoy looking at your digital creations and this one is wonderful. You have a gorgeous son and I think it's brilliant that he helps you! =)

~*~Magpie's Nest zei

Such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful son! Really special!

Betty zei

Great picture. How sweet that your son is an insiration to you.

NancyB zei

Fantastic!!! So very beautiful!
Hello Rian, I have to admit I have been a lurker on your blog! I just love it!! I have a little lovely on my blog for you! http://crowabout.blogspot.com Thank you for all you do! I do so love your new website! Gorgeous!!

Jean zei

Rian, love your new blog page! It has all the elements of a fabulous site. I always look forward to viewing your work. Welcome back !!!your were missed. Your son sounds like he has been a wonderful inspiration to you at such a young age. Your graphics of your son are stunning. Well done!!!

LiveArt zei

so sweet :) You must be very proud to have such a wonderful son!!


the 3 ca-LO-ri-'tjes... zei



Anoniem zei

Erg mooi Rianne zal zien dat ik hier vaak kom kijken.


Odile zei

Hai Rianne ja missertje is in town ik weet niet hoe het werkt hier heb een reactie geplaatst maar ik geloof dat hij niet over komt o0f zo of ik ben naamloos maar nogmaals ik vind hem er mooi uit zien en zal zorgen dat ik wat vaker kom kijken.