woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Theme: Challenge by the three muses;
Things with wings.
And owwww, as you could see me here at home when i was busy with this "chick" and her wings !!
Perhaps it's technical no 'tour the force' (except creating the vintage look and the boobies!) but anyhow a EXCITING entry to make.
Thank you Ann, Bev and Marie !
(please click to enlarge)

Chicken >HERE< / Wings >HERE< / Mask >HERE< / Suspender Belt >HERE< Feather >HERE<

34 opmerkingen:

Anne (cornucopia) zei

I got a good chuckle with this one! Great chick.

Judy zei

Love Your humor!!!!!! What a card! Brightened my day!

Tumble Fish Studio zei

Oh, you are so clever and fun! This is awesomely entertaining!

Femmy zei

gewoon geweldig!!!

Betty zei

How cute!! Such a fun piece.

Terri Kahrs zei

Thanks to you, I started my day with a huge smile!!! Your kinky chick is my kind of gal! Love her sense of humor, play and fun! BRAVO! Hugs, Terri

Sandy zei

Wow this is fantastic.
Brilliant humor. Love them.

Ozstuff zei

Rian, your sense of humour shines through your wonderful art. Thanks for the chuckles! Great work.

indybev zei

Rian - There are mornings I feel somewhat like this chick.....when I look in the mirror and mutter, "I don't know who you are, but I'm gonna brush your teeth anyway!" I think you must have been in a very impish mood when you created this one! Thanks for sharing.

Lori Saul zei

Visually amazing- what a creative piece!

LW zei

I love this,
it is too funny...
thanks for the laugh...


Taluula zei

Rian what fun this is ....... it really made me chuckle. Created from your playful side I see. Bravo.

Willy zei

Dit is echt leuk en schitterend!

Luisa Migon zei

He he he!!! Love your sense of humor!!! Great!!!

Eila A zei

Oh Rian, your kinky chick gave me a good laugh! You really have a good sense of humour, and you find ways to show it and share it with us - thank you!

Rosie zei

Rian... you shock me! Lmao @ your Kinky chick! Love it!! =)
Yes, I love using the PS brushes by Silvia - it has opened up a whole new dimension for me in digi-collage!! (I'm still rubbish at overlays and lasso though!!)

Faye zei

Just too funny for words!

Martina2801 zei

OMG - This is so funny !
Beautifully created !

Astrid Maclean zei

Like almost always, your contributions make me laugh out loud, fantastic work!!

Judy zei

My 'big beautiful woman' came from an old 'housekeeping book'
Many thanks for the great comments on my entry this week!

Amy zei

LOL..too funny..I like the bright color's..such a unique idea

LiveArt zei

Wow, how fun and clever!! Love your sense of humour!!


Rosanna zei

I don't think I will ever feel the same way again when I see a plucked chicken at the supermarket! This is so funny and completely original. Wonderful artwork.

Mark zei

Haha, hele leuke kaart!

NancyB zei

OMG! I almost choked on my dessert! LOL This is really fun! Chicken bewbies! LOL

Chrisy zei

So good to see some humor in art work...have been scrolling your site...what a generous person you are to share all your 'steps' with other artists...I raise my glass to you!

Ineke zei

Goedemorgen Rian ,
Weer eventjes rond gekeken naar je nieuwe crea's
Hihihihi , helemaal leuk joh je Kinky Chick.;-)
Wat een fantasie zeg .
Fijne zondag meis .
Liefs en een knufff Ien

Karel zei

You mastert the boobies perfectly

Rebbeltje zei

ff boobies kijken zoals karel zegt...jeetje weet de weg weer.

Wat een prachtexemplaren staan er tussen Rian. En ??? wat wordt het...vakantie al geboekt?


Barb zei

What a fantastic bit of whimsy art!! I had a good laugh over it. Very clever.

Anoniem zei

Helemaal geweldig!

nadiiaevans zei

It is so funny and cute! Love this colors.

linda loe zei

Ik als digibeet kijk hier vol bewondering naar je blog fantastich wat een computer wizzard ben jij helemaal leuk.

Karel zei

De ochtend zon
Zo puur en fris
Is het licht
Zo zorgeloos en vrij
Licht het maakt je blij
een teken van liefde
Onbeschrijvelijk schoon
Het voelt als een mooie droom
De natuurlijke schoonheden
Die de toekomst betreden
Liefdelijk raadsel
Strelend zacht
Vaak dat ik op je wacht
Onbeschrijvelijk fenomeen
Van liefde en licht
Om mijn heen.