woensdag 23 september 2009

Theme; Challenge by The Three Muses = WINDOW
Oléé ! This was a fun one to create !
First i followed a tutorial to recive a photoshop effect.
Casting Light Through Window Blinds If you are interested, you can find it >HERE<
This was my attempt and result ; (Stap one)

Stap two !
Then i placed her before another window as you can see below in the "Work in progress" (and credits). Feel free to enlarge.

And finaly, this is what a made for this Challenge

27 opmerkingen:

Femmy zei

GEWELDIG!!!! wat een mooie creatie is dit Rian!!!

Taluula zei

Rian I am totally and utterly blown away by this, in fact me jaw is so far down it's on my shoe tops. This has to be one of your very, very best. Standing Ovation my friend.

Ozstuff zei

This is fantastic, Rian. I love the mirror effect and the beautiful image. Your windows, with mirror effect, are wonderful. A truly original and great take on this week's theme.

vintage wil zei

Fantasties!wat een schitterende kleuren!!!

Anoniem zei


indybev zei

This is exceptional, Rian. It is so special that you share your journey of creation. I admire your spirit of exploration of Photoshop and all its mysteries! Outstanding work!

Lori Saul zei

Brilliant work- a wonderfully composed piece!

Moeke zei

Soohee!!!!..das, héél mooi lieverd!! sjappoo weer hoor..dikke kuzzzzzzz...

WrightStuff zei

Very clever, very clever indeed. You are one talented lady! I love seeing your creations, always such a nice surprise as we see the picture build.

"Création" zei

Dag lieve Rian,

Nou ik moet zeggen dat ik je je [Tut-raam]:) geweldig vind geworden. Heerlijk sfeertje, en de rookpluimen van haar sigaret doen me aan mezelf denken. Jakkie.......

lieve groet, Josephine

Judy zei

Wow, truly a stunning masterpiece, Rian, love the mirror effect with the smoke, too!
(I used the same window for my window!)

Marit zei

Dit is echt helemaal geweldig! Zit met open mond naar je werk te kijken. STUNNING!

Eila A zei

Wow, Rian, you are a true genius in collaging and manipulating images! Your piece is so beautiful and sensual, it reminds me of some old Hollywood films located in Southern America. Great work!

Rosie zei

Rian! Applause! You are so clever - this is wonderfully humorous and delightfully tricky. So much to see...

I left you a message on your website in the Contact section a few days ago. Did you get it, I wonder? ;o)

peppapig zei

Fantastic work,love it!!

Rosie zei

Rian - thanks for the message! No pressure... I've just opened it and have only listed 3 items so far, so it's far from respectable!! Can you send me your email address as I can't find one for you! =/

rosemary dot rowe at btinternet dot com


"Création" zei

Mijn laptop is bijna onzichtbaar geworden 1 peuk in de mond en 1 op de asbak, hi, hi, geniet van je pafke, doe ik ook, toch even samen dan........

Bye Bye

ca-LO-ri-'tje... zei


S U P E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




terri d. zei

this is just amazing!

NancyB zei

Oh gosh oh gosh! Amazing! I am drooling! The windows, the window blind effect..the smoke...the smoke now that's awesome! Loving this!

Elizabeth Golden zei

This is unbelievable The light the smoke the just rawness of it all. Truly impressed.

LiveArt zei

Oh my, Wow, wow, wow!!! I'm speachless and very, very impressed with your digital work!! This is totally amazing!!! Gorgeous composition and colours and, and, and :) Love it!!! Well done Rian!!!


Musing zei

Mind blowing! What more can I say?

Musing zei

Mind blowing! What more can I say?

Sija zei

Schitterende kleuren. Weer helemaal top Rian!

José zei

Prachtig gemaakt! Mysterieus en elegant. Mooi hoor!

Anne (cornucopia) zei

WOW!!! This is incredible Rian! Great idea and result!