woensdag 9 september 2009

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I think that i found a rather easy (photoshop)Tutorial to create your own
> Click Here < (TopTut.com)
The advantage is that you can store this tut. on your pc. as a jpeg image to practice a little. Perhaps a tip for you ?
This is what i made of it.Please click to enlarge.
To Ann, Bev & Marie, thanks again !
Your challenges make me work "harder" every week.
but I LIKE IT ! I LIKE IT ! lol

The first result of that tutorial.

CREDITS & Work in Progress

But my nickname is Freubel hey ?! And therefore....
my FINAL result.

Thanks kindly for looking

27 opmerkingen:

Ozstuff zei

Rian, this is a superb piece of art which is definitely "Frameworthy". What a great idea to mirror her image in the framed picture.
Stunning work. Thanks so much for taking part in this week's challenge.

indybev zei

I thought the first was your entry, and nearly fell from my chair when I saw the final result! This is just splendid, Rian. The mirror effect in the framed piece is the epitome of excellence! Standing ovation!

Terri Kahrs zei

Rian, your creations are always full of wonder and delight. This is fabulous! STanding "O" from me! Hugs, Terri

Lori Saul zei

Beautiful work! I love the progression to stunning results!

Faye zei

The final result is awesome, Rian. Even the first stage is beautiful. The final picture is really unusual and gorgeous.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog to see the events calendar. They did require many hours and there's no way to get what they are really worth. I do appreciate the extra effort it took for you to go have a look. Thanks.

terri d. zei

this is stunning!

Amy zei

so peaceful and beautiful!!

Rosie zei

Rian, this is so beautiful! You have created a magicjal portrait for your 'lady'... and how generous you always are to share your knowledge and talent!
Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog. xoxoxo

WrightStuff zei

Wow. I was like Bev and had a shock when I saw the final result (the first was pretty good too!). Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I'll have a look at that later when I get home for work (very excited now!). Best get ready for work now. Great piece. Love it love it love it

Judy zei

Truly stunning, Rian, love the effects you have created & thanks for kind comments on my blog!

Taluula zei

Rian, again you leave me with my mouth wide open. I too thought the first was your entry and then I discovered the final piece. Ah words appear : exquisite, excellent and so clever.

LiveArt zei

What a beatiful creation!! love your creative work with the frame!!


Willy zei

Geweldige creaties, Rian!

Betty zei

Beautiful piece, very creative.

Martina2801 zei

This is just so stunning! Amazing interpretation of the theme.

Eila A zei

I love your romantic moonligt pieces, Rian! There's a very special feeling in both of them, and they are so beautiful! And once more: thank you for sharing your techniques with us!

Ellen zei

schitterend , een totale verrassing die tweede erbij een echte Rian move.

AliMayes zei

Fantastic final result Rian -although I'm very happy working with Paint Shop Pro seeing what you do with Photoshop makes me want to have a go with that too. Congratulations!
Ali xx

Hella zei

Great card.

peppapig zei


Leila Gervais zei

I love love love the second piece! Very creative.

Your artwork has been very creative and inspirational! ~off to look at some more of your work...

~*~Magpie's Nest zei

Wonderful creation, I can almost feel the glow of the moon from here (in Virginia USA :)

peggy gatto zei

Wow, Lovely talent!!!!!!!!!!

Sija zei

Wow Rian, jij bent weer lekker bezig geweest.
Geweldige dingen heb je weer gemaakt.

vintage wil zei

Wow What a beautiful work!!

Anne (cornucopia) zei

These are great, Rian!

José zei

Dit keer in het Nederlands dan maar. Ik kijk altijd veel entries achter elkaar en dan ben ik zo druk engels aan het schrijven dat ik dat ook bij taalgenoten doe. De mens is een gewoontedier :)
Wat een mooie site heb jij! En een prachtig blog! Ben ook heel blij met al je freebies.
Je maakt prachtige dingen. Ik ben vanaf vandaag een volgelinge! Fijn weekend!