woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Theme; Challenge by The Three Muses = Chicken fowl play
Hurrayyy...It's Wednesday again !!
Time to publish my entry for this week. (I could'nt wait LOL)
My "chick" is manipulated with a HUGE egg with a girl riding on her back.
"TókTókTóóóók Giddy-up-goooo" !!

Feel free to enlarge the Credits and Manipulation (Part 1)

Part two Credits and further Work in progress.

26 opmerkingen:

Lori Saul zei

You are so clever! What a wonderful and artistic approach to this theme. Very cool and creative!

Ozstuff zei

Rian, this is so clever and so funny. The chicken is still wearing her egg which may be a good thing to protect her from the cold and take the load of the girl on her back! The background is wonderful. That old mill is superb. Wonderful, wonderful art work and imagination.

indybev zei

Oh, Rian, this is marvelous! I love the way you "morphed" the egg into the hen! The background is wonderful as well. Thank you again for bringing your talent to our challenge!

terri d. zei

i just love this rian! it's funny and just perfect for the challenge. love love love your sense of humor!

Faye zei

So creative, Rian. your imagination is really amazing. Wonderful entry.

Judy zei

Now that IS clever, Rian, what a beautiful piece! Like reading how you've created it too. (You asked how I got the rooster sitting on the man's lap, 'cut' out rooster, place on lap, opacity reduced until I can see man's arm then I erased parts of rooster I didn't want)

Gayle Page-Robak zei

What can I say but PERFECT!!

Diana Evans zei

oh what fun!!! lovely piece!!!

peggy gatto zei

I gotta love this, it is the bestest!!!!!!!

AliMayes zei

Stunning as always Rian and I'm always fascinated to see how you create such beautiful work!

Anoniem zei

Gaaf Rian het geheel maar zeker hoe je het ei samen hebt gevoegd met de kip!

johanna zei

what a creative piece, love it!

Julia zei

Jeetje Rian wat knap gemaakt ! Echt schitterend!

Martina2801 zei

Clever and funny artwork, Rian. It looks so fantastic!

Terri Kahrs zei

Rian, I don't know what I enjoy more - your finished piece or your explanations! They're all Brilliant!!! I adore the little chickie riding the chicken!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Taluula zei

Oh Rian this is such a fun piece, sometimes I wish I could have just one little peep into your creative mind. Bravo my friend.

Eila A zei

Awesome piece, Rian - I can't stop admiring your skills! There really is something funny going on in this barnyard - a night of magic! - And thank you for the eggs which I used in my collage!

Elizabeth Golden zei

Thank you for showing us your process. I just love what you have done with this theme this week. Bravo!!

Jean zei

Rian, brilliant!!! Creative as always. I love your style. You always think outside the box.

peppapig zei

This is brilliant Rian,love the egg hen!!

LiveArt zei

Wow, your work is awesome!! love your imagination!! wonderful chicken ride :) love how you've made the earth another planet!!


vintage wil zei

Ohh what a fun piece!!!!!

Astrid Maclean zei

Rian, this is just too clever for words, you are just so creative. The depth of this piece of art is amazing!! Both unny and evocative, how brilliant is that?!

Janny zei

Echt super weer!

Hanne zei

You are so artistic! This is just great!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Elegia zei

This is awesome! it's nice to be here after a break and enjoy your fantastic art works!