woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Theme ; Challenge by The Three Muses / "GIVE ME A HEAD OF HAIR"
As usual, many ideas turned around in my head.
Should i made a pink sugar tenon of hair ??
Or a wig from leaves and flowers... a BAD hair day... a PUNK style or use my stamptool to create a afro head-dress ??
But no...nothing of this all !! I thougt "lets go crazy !!"
Give that girl CURLERS in her hair !!
Every woman knows how idiotic it looks when you're wearing those things
and the doorbell rings !!
(and i'm speaking from my own experience !! pfffjoei) LOL

I had to think of the British soap opera Coronation Street !
Credits & Work in Progress

25 opmerkingen:

Ozstuff zei

Rian, this is hilarious (and also very clever and creative). Do people still use hair rollers? I remember sleeping with them in my hair when I was very young. Ouch!! I love your take on the hair theme. This is what is so great about the challenge. No two entries are the same and every single one is fantastic.

indybev zei

Ah Vanity, they name is woman. This is beautiful, Rian. You are so talented!

Lori Saul zei

I love this Rian- I so remember those rollers and trying to sleep on them ! Wonderful creative collage!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

This is wonderful, what a gorgeous presentation for this theme. Beautifully created.

terri d. zei

oh boy, do i ever remember those curlers! i thought i was in heaven when mom brought home the pink sponge rollers...ahhh
love your lady rian, even with the curlers in her hair, the piece is beautifully done!

Judy zei

Those 'curlers' look like the ones I used to have, ouch those were the days, brilliant & fun take on the theme, Rian! Thanks for the freebies, too!

Yvonne zei

This one brought a smile to my face, I used those same rollers years ago! Well done.

Rosie zei

You always make me grin, laugh, smile Rian!! That's a brilliant take on the challenge - you are so clever!! =)

I'll drop you an email tomorrow... have had too much to do lately!! xo

AliMayes zei

She still looks beautiful but, my oh my, weren't those rollers uncomfortable!!

José zei

Geweldig!! Ik heb gelukkig nooit krullers nodig gehad hoewel deze dame ze goed kan hebben... :) Weer mooi gemaakt!

Julia zei

Schitterend en erg origineel! Prachtige achtergrond ook !

vintage wil zei

Prachtig ! doet me denken aan vroeger !!!

Susie Jefferson zei

And my hair - bad haircut after bad haircut... my husband says, never mind it will grow again (always a bad sign, lol)

Great picture - yes, I remember the days of heated rollers, taking them out and some of my hair with it!

Thanks so much for visiting, and your very kind comment. From an artist I really respect, so I will treasure it!

LW zei

What a fun art piece…
I so remember when I use to use those and then sleep on them….
Great job I really enjoyed this one….


Diana Evans zei

This is wonderful ...what a fun piece...too cute and too funny!!!

Eila A zei

Great work, Rian! Using hair rollers could be a good instance to test one's partner's real feelings...

Hermine zei

Gaaf, mooie kleurrijke achtergrond

Terri Kahrs zei

What women go through to look beautiful!!! I remember curlers! I think I still have "dents" in my head from the hard ones I slept in when I was a teenager (it was the 60's)! LOL!!! Leave it to you to take a humble curler and turn it into a work of art, you talented girl!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lynifyni zei

I had to chuckle when I saw your art, Rian...boy, did you bring back memories!! I slept on more rollers than I can count when I was younger. You've done a marvelous, happy job with this piece! LynnF

WrightStuff zei

She's still smiling though, even if the postman did catch her in her curlers!!

peppapig zei

Fantastic as always Rian!!

Elizabeth Golden zei

This is Fabulous Rian Your work is outstanding!

Janny zei

Ze is leuk;o)

Judy zei

Rian, you asked if my Aunt won the 'hair' competition, just had answer from her son YES she did!

Taluula zei

Rian this is simply wonderful, it takes me back to my youth when I had to remember PRIDE IS PAINFUL each time I used those rollers. Great piece my friend.