woensdag 4 november 2009

Theme; Challenge by The Three Muses ;
“Oh what a peach of a pair”.
And YESSS ... Ooohhw what had I FUN !!
About this entry ;
In the Netherlands EVERYONE knows this nostalgic carnaval song (1975)
♪♪ Als het gras TWEE KONTJES hoog is ♪♪
♪♪ Hélahi Hélahop ♪♪

( You can watch > HERE < the original version at you tube ! LOL)
* Litteral translated ;
"If the gras TWO BUMS high is" helahi/helaho
"Girly WATCH OUT !!"
Well... Marie wrote "The only requirement is that there are two !"
Oké..i had the BUMS, now had to find a couple that fits in the scenery.
I thought lets remain at the sixties/seventies and create a PSYCHEDELIC style.
It has not entirely become were i had hoped on...but "alléé"

Credits and "Work in Progress"

34 opmerkingen:

indybev zei

Well, you've started us off in sassy fashion, Rian. Here in the US we have a saying when someone is feeling depressed. We say they're "bummed". I guess you were "bummed" when you created this one?! Thanks for starting us off with a smile, Rian....and for being such a faithful follower to our blog!

Ozstuff zei

A watchdog? Do you BITE? Rian, this is fabulous. I included a moon in my picture but it is a paper moon. Your "moons" are hilarious. Do you use the same reference in Dutch - mooning - when someone bares their bottoms (or bums)?
I love your gorgeous, colorful and eyecatching retro picture which is so full of pizzazz and good humour. Fantastic. Those were the days!!

Lori Saul zei

Whoa - very groovy Rian! Wonderful concept in this piece and beautifully composed. Hippie splendor!

Terri Kahrs zei

This is a "happening" collage, Rian! Your sense of humor, married with your talent, leaves us laughing and full of wonder at your creations. Bravo! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Willy zei

Schitterend, Rian! Hoe bedenk je het...

Judy zei

You brightened up my day, Rian, what a hoot!!!! Fabulous entry!!

terri d. zei

Wow, you pushed me back to the 70's in a flash with your entry!! I busted out laughing as soon as it opened up but then i found myself saying, "hey, i remember the vw and i think i had a pair of pants like that too!! lol
great work rian!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

This is fabulous, I am still laughing. What a wonderful presentation for this theme....something you just may have witnessed in the 60's as well...hillarious! Hugs, Gayle.

peggy gatto zei

Wow, this rocks!!! What fun!

Elizabeth Golden zei

Well this just woke me up. It is dazzling, the bums are fab, I am chuckling away can you hear me? Just brilliant!

Amy zei

lol at the bums..hee hee..very funny..love the fun people..they are such cute/flashy character's..such fun vibrant color's..

Jean zei

Rian, this is : super cala fragilistic ex pi ala docious!!!!!

Femmy zei

schitterend zeg! wat een geweldig paar, zowel in als buiten de auto!!

Kelly zei

love your retro art!

Hermine zei

Heel apart en dit is lachen!

AliMayes zei

Thanks for a great laugh first thing in the morning with your 'mooning' entry Rian - it takes me back to my youth. Not that I ever did that I hasten to add.

bad penny zei

FANTASTIC !!! made me laugh out loud - thank you

Eila A zei

Wow, Rian - what a pair of peaches (they look quite similar, don't they?)! You must have had FUN creating this - and it's GREAT FUN to look at!

johanna zei

thanks for a big laugh in the morning!! this is absolutely fantastic and i always love retro style!

Sija zei

Die is gaaf Rian! Hoe heb je het verzonnen hahaha

Taluula zei

Oh my dear lady, this one gave me my first laugh of the day. Thank you. It is absolutely full of fun and priceless. Bravo.

Effie zei

Groovy baby!

Hanne zei

This is fabulous! Bravo!

Hella zei

hahahaha....dit is om te gieren!
Prachtig gemaakt. Lekker fel van kleur.....

vintage wil zei

Hij is weer prachtig geworden!!!

AliMayes zei

Thanks for your lovely comment Rian - you asked what font I used for my name; it's 'Papyrus' which as far as I know is just one of the standard Windows fonts.

vintage wil zei

Hallo freubeltje
dankje wel voor je leuke reacties,
je vraagt hoe ik dit doe ,ik heb veel naaiwerk gedaan en al jaren
stofjes papier en van alles bewaard,
ik kan dus alles gebruiken ha ha
scheuren plakken en verven ik flodder maar aan,zoek altijd eerst het plaatje dan de kleuren , als alles klaar is en goed droog dan scen ik het.
mvrg Wil

peppapig zei

BrilliantRian,love it LOL!!

José zei

Geweldig!! Helemaal hip en relaxt! :) En natuurlijk mooi gemaakt. De 'mooners' zijn grappig!

Julia zei

O Rian je hebt een geweldig gevoel voor humor! Dit is weer schitterend en ook zo prachtig gemaakt!:):):)

Marit zei

Jaaa... ik herinner me die "hit" Hou niet van carnaval - maar je pagina is geweldig!!!

Janny zei

Hij is echt geweldig;o)

Anne (cornucopia) zei

Great bright colors!

Ineke zei

Hoi lieve Rian ,
Super leuk deze .
Wat een Fantasie heb je .
Doet me denken aan de flower power tijd .(Heet dat eigenlijk zo )
Lekker frisse kleuren en dan die billen eruit whahahaha.
Geweldig gedaan meis .
Liefs Ien xxx