vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Theme ; Challenge by Art Creations Friday.
This time I took the chance of making a 'spooky' brush of the photograph provided. I've never did that before with a challenge.
When you enlarge the second image of this entry, you can read how to try this by yourself in photoshop.
Ofcourse there a many (different) tutorials to find on the internet about this subject, but as always...i did it on my manner.
Thank you kindly for looking xxx

Credits / Tutorial Brushmaking

24 opmerkingen:

LiveArt zei

Wow, original take on the theme, what a wonderful technique. I like how she's almost invisible :) Great piece!!


Kelly zei

gorgeous digital art!

Yvonne zei

WOW, very impressive digital art!

peggy gatto zei

totally amazing transformation. I always enjoy seeing how you do it!!!

Judy zei

Very ghostlike, Rian, fantastic effect with the brush you created - brilliant piece! Thanks for sharing how to make brushes, too!

Sandy zei

Wow this is fantastic.
Love the technique. Brilliant.

Elizabeth Golden zei

This is very cool. I love how your mind works.

vintage wil zei

wow Wat een schitterend werk weer Rian!!!!

Femmy zei

weer geweldig Rian!!
leuk is dat he om zelf een brush van een foto te maken?
doe zelf dit keer niet mee, ga straks een weekje op vakantie.
fijn weekend.

Anoniem zei

Fabulous !!!! Just love how you did this digital work my friend and a gorgeous image
Hugs June xx

Marilyn Rock zei

Thank you for stopping by my Blog and leaving your lovely comment. Glad you did; it led me here. I will follow and visit often :) You are a wonderful digital artist.

Rein zei

prachtig Rian!

Faye zei

Wow, Rian, your digital art never ceases to amaze me. This is gorgeous.

Veronica zei

Fabulous as always xx

Rosie zei

Thanks for the inspiration Rian! Beautiful piece of work!

Hermine zei

Hij is weer schitterend

Debby zei

Hi Rian,
I love what you have done this week, very cool. Happy Friday.

Oxana zei

WOW!!! So impressive digital art! You blog is fantastisc!!!

Meikoningin zei

Zo tof ! Ik vind het erg knap dat je zoiets moois kunt maken :D

Annchen zei

very spooky and a great piece

MOI... zei

Zo'n oud huis heeft altijd wel 'n dwaalgeest,
jij maakt er 'n meisjesgeest van...
tís 'n verhaal waardig!

Lang geleden, toen er...
(vul maar in, lolll...)

Heel mooi gemaakt Rian! ;))

Doeggies knufkuzzz...

LuLu Kellogg zei

Rian, I love this!

Thank you so much for the tutorial on brushmaking. I just got Photoshop Elements 7.0 and this will help me make the brushes.

LuLu Kellogg

Anneke zei

wat is dit prachtig zeg.
ik heb geen photoshop ,maar vind dit echt super hoe je het gedaan hebt

casa nostra zei

dat ziet er ook weer erg mooi uit. fijn ook dat je alles meteen uitlegt, al heb ik er niet veel aan (geen Photoshop) maar anderen zul je er zeker een plezier mee doen.