woensdag 3 februari 2010

Theme; Challenge The Three Muses / "BIRDS OF A FEATHER"
Because I didn't have enough time last week (again pfffjoei) to participate, i've made this week TWO totaly different entries.
With the first one I tried to create a Japanese style and used pigeons.
Not that pigeons are my favorite birds !...on the contrary, I find it "trouble-shooters" ROEKOEOEO ROEKOEOEEE SPLASHHH
but I found a few exciting postcards representing all kind of sorts.
After what "ge-freubel" it turned out quite similar as PSP crafters often create.

My second entry is based on a style that I found surfing in a French (online) encyclopaedia. I'ts more a vintage collage style with rear drawings and images.
When you Click to enlarge this FRENCH SAMPLES then you know what I mean. Inspiring ins't it ?

And this is how I have tried to immitate with OWLS

the FIRST entry = www.lord of design /(PIGEONS) www.liveinternet.ru
the SECOND entry = www.photo.rmn.fr / (OWLS) kakadu.509.com1.ru /
and my own collage sheets.

29 opmerkingen:

peggy gatto zei

OH MY, I love les oiseaux(french? for birds)!

Lori Saul zei

Two very different and beautiful collages- brilliant art ( and I love the owls)!

indybev zei

The first collage is so delicate, airy and beautiful. I love it! The little owls are enchanting as well. Thanks for sharing your many talents, Rian!

Ozstuff zei

Rian, both pictures are superb. You have really captured the Japanese look with the first one. It is so beautifully delicate. The owls collage is wonderful. I love it.
Good to see you back with TWO pictures. We are getting two masterpieces for the price of one!

Diane zei

These are all wonderful and creative, but I have to say that I LOVE your owls!!

Ozstuff zei

Rian - For the gold dress on the cockatoo I painted in my Art Rage software which has a metallic paint feature and metallic sparkles which I used to cover the shape. The sparkles "fizz" and throw up the odd silver piece which adds to the sparkle. Art Rage is a fairly cheap download (by Ambient Design) and it has other very interesting features as well - such as a great palette knife which blends and adds to the oily textures.

Faye zei

Love the first one immensely! It does have an asian appearance. Really gorgeous.

Betzie zei

Cute one at the top...I love anything Japanese, but my favorite was the Owl collage...wonderful!

Terri Kahrs zei

You are AMAZING! Both of these pieces are exceptional, Rian! Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS - I am NOT fond of pigeons either!

Lucy - By the Hill zei

Rian, you are amazing! I love them both, the second is most unusual, I read the information on it, you did a great job!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

You have outdone yourself again, Rian...what gorgeous art pieces...beautiful as alwys.

Unknown zei

oh wow!!! this is a beauty!!! wonderful work !!!

Sandy zei

Oh wow your work is fantastic. These are lovely and gorgeous. Great.

Judy zei

Wow, they are so different, Rian, I think I like the owls one the most, its a appeals to my sense of humour!
Love the freebies too, thanks so much!

Killara girl zei

Fantastic! love the japanese pic...so delicate...and i love your use of colouring. I recognize those flowers.

thanks so much for your helpful info last week....i'm using the microsoft picture it that came with my computer at the moment (unfortunately) but will download the trial and do the tutorial at digiscrap when i have time....hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

LivArtNow zei

Oh WOW!!! Dear me, this is super Rian!!! How fun, we both made two pieces for the challenge :) And how different your pieces are. the first one is sooo sweet with the light colours and gorgeous doves and the second one is sooo cool!! love how you've combined the images!! The doll's brilliant here! I just love visiting your wonderful blog to look at your fabulous creations!! thanks for beeing such an inspiration Rian :))


Anita zei

Haaaaaaaa Freubelke,
Ik doeggut mar gewoon in ut dirds, al zie ik dadde ammel "buitenlanders" het die reageren.
Nog bedankt vur oew skon krabbelke hè.
Ut blèft steeds wir un fisje um op jouw site te kèke. Snapter nog steeds niks van hoe da in zun wèrruk gi, dus ik hou mun eigen mar gewoon bè ut stempelwèrruk.
Mar ik zie wel, da gij int engels net zo hendig "lult" es in oew "eige" taoltje. Keiskon :)

johanna zei

wonderful collages!! and these little owls are sooo cute!!

http://truutske.blogspot.com zei

Prachtige collage.
Mooie achtergrond.

Ellen zei

I do love your second one, gorgeous owls.

the first one is clever, how you manage to effortles get a certain style is beyond me . But must say it's just not you.

Unknown zei

It is amazing to see the two different styles that you made, they are so different from each other and beautiful. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog and yes, that is my house. I bought it a couple years ago and have been working on it since then. It certainly didn't look like that when I bought it. :)

Astrid Maclean zei

Both pieces are so dfferent, yet both are delightful. Your skills will never fail to amaze me!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Fantastic work, looks fab.

Unknown zei

These are beautiful, I especially love the first one.

AliMayes zei

These are both stunning Rian - you are so clever and your imagination knows no bounds!

Rosie zei

Oooohhh Rian!! Although pigeons can be pretty, they are really horrid birds, aren't they?! Your collage makes them very beautiful... and then I love the owls and the atmosphere of the second collage - very french vintage!! =)

Elizabeth Golden zei

I love both of the collages you did. The owls are very cute though!

Janny zei

Ze zijn geweldig weer!

MOI... zei