vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Theme; Challenge Art Creations Friday.
Please don't ask me how I did this one.
It was a result from two hours "gefreubel".
A stroke of luck I think.
I've used only 4 watercolour-textures (blendingmode = multiply & linear burn) and played a long time with the render filter to recive this light effect and other tools. Pffffjoei !

Credits for the free watercolor pack... HERE. (mediamilitia.com)

31 opmerkingen:

Judy zei

ONGELOOFLIJK, Rian!! Love it! Don't ask me how I did mine either! But in some sort of order I used linear dodge, hue & screen - then probably repeated it anyway - great fun playing around!!! Oh, used multiply & difference, too!

peggy gatto zei

Thanks for the tips!
Now, if I can just learn to save my layers!

Chris Arlington zei

Very creative, well done!
Hugs, chris

Lynifyni zei

Oh my goodness, Rian...this work is exquisite!!! Big applause! LynnF

Lori Saul zei

Wow- glorious colors and layers- a stunning effect- pure magic!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Gorgeous, Rian...love it! Best to forget it, then it will certainly remain an original (grin).

Yvonne zei

Gorgeous, Rian!

Sandy zei

OMG Rian this is so beautiful. Really fantastic. Love your work.

Femmy zei

schitterend Rian!! prachtig hoe de kleuren overlopen!!

Ozstuff zei

Hi Rian - Thanks for your kind comments. I am smiling to myself because YOU are the person who is always thinking outside the frame and finding new ways to tweak a picture!!
I love your take on this week's picture. There is so much to see and enjoy in it - and all of it fantastic.

Marie-Aimée zei

gorgeous !!!

vintage wil zei

Wow Rian dit is geweldig! so mooi!!!

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ zei

Weer zo'n prachtig kunstwerkje.
Heel heel erg mooi!!!

Jackie zei

Superb, Rian. So ethereal!

Ellen zei

schitterend , de lichtval is zo mooi.
ja ik vergeet ook steeds om op te schrijven hoe ik iets gedaan heb..
ik zie het gefreubel helemaal voor me , urenlang

gaby braun zei

Love this piece, Rian. It's really great job.

Terri Kahrs zei

It may have taken you a while to achieve that beautiful light, but it was WELL worth the effort, Rian!!! Gorgeous work!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Veronica zei

Fabulous Rian - My best work is when i have no idea how I did it lol xxx

Yvonne zei

Ontzettend mooi, zeer creatief! Prachtig.

Rhonda zei

This is wonderful!! Cheers!

linda zei

oh, pretty...and thanks for the great link.

linda zei
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MOI... zei



indybev zei

I'm left to wonder what is Ongelooflijk, but if it means wonderful, I agree! Great use of the filters and blending, Rian!

Lucy zei

Absolutely amazing! Love it!

Karel zei

Rian ik zal niet vragen hoe je het gedaan hebt ,maar deze en degene die ik ff terugbladerde zijn weer schitterend
maar laat mij nu steeds gedacht hebben dat er maar 1 manneke psi was
wens je veel plezier nog met je gefreubel

caramelle zei

waouh! fantastaic, marvelous

Patti zei

Wow, that's incredible! Doesn't even look the same! Amazing!

Jack zei

Wow! Enchanting :)

Linda zei

This is so creative! Thank you for the brilliant link.....

Rebecca Everett zei

Absolutely gorgeous! I love what you have done here.