zaterdag 9 oktober 2010


Today; the TENTH day of the TENTH month of Two Thousand TEN !
I'm so gratefully and proud that I finally got the opportunity to open my re-newed website and shop !!
I know, I promised last month already to come back again but hey...I had an excuse !! I celebrated my 50th birthday in september ! LOL
Yep...Sarah came to visit me with a bunch of relatives, friends and neighbors
and a typical Dutch tradition is, that when some one is turning 50, that the birthday girl gives a BIG party !
Well..I HAVE !
My party lasted for three days and I was so spoiled by all !
(I almost dare not say but as a birthday gift I got a new car from my husband.
A little one !! To drive to work)
Now I have to work even HARDER to earn that money back hihi) Just kidding !!
But I was so happy with it and have spent the past week driven many miles. BRRRRROEMMM.

But anyway... from today I'm here more often to be found.
I really missed writing blogs and all my friends! (It feels like I lost the connection with you all and I've never intended this to happen.)
When I announced a few months ago a temporary stop, I had no idea it would last so long. I even have to practice my english again and I hope you find the way back to freubel-art.
As for me .... I will do my utmost to visit you all more often, and to answer more frequently when comments are posted.

Meanwhile, I also noticed that some of my Dutch (virtual) friends have switched to blogger! (Bye Bye !!!) Welcome hearty here at my English blog, but
do not mind my typing errors. IK BEN EN BLIJF EEN BRABANTSE Hè. :-)

5 opmerkingen:

Electra zei

Welcome back! You were missed! and happy 50th!

Anita zei

Hallooooooooooo Rian en welkom terug.
Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 50e verjaardag nog.
En het begint al meteen te werken die ouderdom hahaha, het is nl. MORGEN pas de 10-10-10!!!!
Noujaaaaaa un klennighedje blèfde houwe wanne.
Mar kben blij dagger wir bent.

Lululiz zei

Welcome back to blogland, we have missed you! I am looking forward to seeing lots more of you from now on.

Ellen zei

ha Rian leuk om je weer terug te zien in blogland , je bent nog een jonkie met je 50 jaar.
Ik ga er starks even voor zitten om je nieuwe site te bewonderen succes met de verkoop van je sheets

casa nostra zei

hoi Rian, fijn dat je weer terug bent. ik keek regelmatig op je blog, maar zag steeds maar geen nieuwe post staan. nu ben ik zelf ook al een tijdje niet meer actief geweest in blogland maar nu zag ik dus dat je er weer bent. nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en veel sukses met de verkoop. ik kom snel eens kijken.
groetjes, Wil