woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Theme; Challenge The Three Muses / "Wings on Things ".
I know, from experience!!, that the weight doesn't define who you are.
I'm a happy chubby girl !
So I thought, let's make something "autobiographical". LOL
1-2-3-...PUSHHHH and there goes Rian....up up in the SKYYYY !

Credits ; Backgr. and all elements = riandesign.eu / Woman = personal, scanned from a old book / Wings = Allforgraphic.net / Men = forgotten sorry.

31 opmerkingen:

terri d. zei

I'm right there with you freubel! LOL! this is just fabulous and made me laugh.....too cute!

terri d. zei

AND...thank you for the freebie!!

Lori Saul zei

This is really fun!

Terri Kahrs zei

Mwaaahhh-haa-haaa!!! Awesome, Rian!!! Those boys better watch how they're reaching with that skirt! No wonder you look so happy!!!!! LOL!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Karel zei

hoi Rian mooi gemaakt en jij ging bijna vliegen
vind deze mooier dan die griezels die je erna plaatste
ik zal zo ff gaan slapen

Yvonne zei

WOW, what a fantastic piece!

* Loes * RolSodemietertjE zei



* Loes * RolSodemietertjE zei

g a l a n t dus!!!


Gayle Page-Robak zei

Wonderful, Rian. Terrific images and your 'Angel' is very unique. Love it!

Judy zei

That is so funny, Rian, giggling to myself, the dogs thinks I'm nuts!!! Love your piece, definitely thinking outside the square here!!

Faye zei

Oh, this is funny, Rian. At first I thought the prehistoric animals was the entry. Then I found this one.

Christine zei

This fun and sweet at the same time... I think it's her smile. :)

johanna zei

this is super!!!

Junibears zei

Oh this is so great. I really laughed out loud! xx

Rein zei

Schitterend Rian!

WrightStuff zei

I love these wonderful images you find to create your delightful digital pieces. This is such fun - what teeth!!

Grannie Annie zei

This is totally delightful Rian...I love it...wonderful idea and fantastic exicution...awesome.

P.S. I hope they don't drop you!

Lizbethem zei

This is totally fab and fun!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

That's funny, great digital work.

sasa zei

Hi Frebel,

Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely compliments! I admire digital work as much as touchable things...everyone has their thing! And - I am no computer genius at all so I will leave it to you experts. Kan ook even zo babbelen... Ik vind je ATC heel leuk en ook grappig. Mooi gemaakt... geniet van je weekend en hopelijk tot gauw...


Cindy Adkins zei

Oh Rian, this is fantastic!!! And what wonder and humor!!! I love it!!!
P.S. I'm still smiling!!!

Rebbeltje zei

whahahaha helemoal

LynnF zei

You were thinking of me when you designed this one! What a wonderful card...I sure think it's lots of fun as well as very creative!

Eila A zei

Rian, thank you for making me smile! Your art is superb, and your sense of humour priceless!

Jackie zei

Rian, this is just so much fun - I love it!

Taluula zei

This gave me the most tremendous happy smile this morning my friend. It's such fun and I am so glad to see you back Rian.

indybev zei

From one happy chubby girl to another, this is a great bit of fantasy. It has your magic touch. Thanks, Rian!

selma zei

Ohh..this is very funny. *smile*

Rosie zei

What a wonderful piece of art, Rian, love it.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Have a nice weekend

Effie zei

A great fun piece!

deb zei

Made me laugh! Great sense of Humor! really love the Screenshots you do! Impressive!