woensdag 10 november 2010

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses / BlackBirds
I must admit that I don't like them in my garden, these BIG black birds.
They poop on everything...
Always appear in large numbers on my shed....
Scream and wake me with their annoying sound. PFFFJOEII.

You can enlarge the picture for more details.

The blackbirds / collagesheet Fancy BlackBirds part 1 riandesign.eu
The miscellaneous chicken-men / cheap GrabBags riandesign.eu
Background = (sorry, also by me :-) riandesign.eu
Cloudbrush by Blatzer(Javier ZhX) / Trees by SGtextures.com / Wings by georgias-scrapbook-place / Grass by forfoto.ru / Moon oepsss.

If you want to see my newest collage sheets,
I invite you hearty to scroll down.) xxx
Thanks kindly for your time

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* Loes * RolSodemietertjE zei



Gayle Page-Robak zei

I am glad to hear I am not the only one who really dislikes blackbirds, noisy, nasty things they are, Rian. This image is fabulous, as always. What a gorgeous presentation. BTW, do you think the lady versions will be making as big a mess. Guess you are going to have to do a big blackbird in 'bloomers"..rofl. Hugs, Gayle.

Yvonne zei

Fantastic piece, Rian!

LynnF zei

Ok, Rian, you have to give us the translation of what that means!! I might want to use it. But what an awesome piece! Fantastic use of those images!

Karel zei

het zijn zulke inteligente vogels
ja scheiten kennen ze goed vooral met een 100 ofzo in een boom boven je autotje hihi
maar hoe dan ook je hebt er weer iets moois van gemaakt
en oh wonder ik ook , kreeg van jou ook een kompliment en allen die er waren , waren blij met iets uit die jaren '50 toen er echt veel veranderde
ik heb ze nu iets om over na te denken gebracht
ik ga ff tukkie doen

terri d. zei

We think alike when it comes to the horrible sounds that come out of their mouth! I do love your piece though, very original! I also love my collage sheets I purchased last week. They are fantastic!!

Christine zei

What a funny piece, Rian. I agree with Lynn, we want the translation. As my language - portuguese - yours is not that well-known! I'm not very sure, but I think we don't have crows around here :)

Faye zei

Such a funny piece, Rian. I dislike those huge flocks of blackbirds too. And I don't think I'll translate what the Dutch say about them!

Grannie Annie zei

What a wonderful bird fest Rian...awesome and unique...fantastic artwork!

Judy zei

Oh, so funny, Rian I can't stop laughing, you really come up with some gems, this one no exception - brilliance!!!

Rein zei

Ziet er super uit!

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ zei

Geweldige creatie, Rian.

Junibears zei

I wish you could see my big smile Rian. it's just fantastic! xx

Jackie zei

I hope the saintly white birds don't start fighting with the blackbirds! great & funny piece, Rian.

WrightStuff zei

Oh what an imagination to make this delightful creation! (sounds rather poetical don't you think?)

Silvia(Barnie) zei

:D That's a funny take on this theme, love all your figures, especially the birds.

Anoniem zei

So funny! Love it!

Taluula zei

Ohhh wow, Rian, I love your lady blackbirds they are so genteel, I am sure they would never be noisy or messy but oh my goodness those chicken men are scary.

Patti zei

Great art! Beautiful-love the colors. I have to add, however, I love black birds. We have crows here and they actually are very smart. They can imprint onto humans as well and laugh. Silly birds. They are either loved or hated. And I'm glad to say.... I love them!

Debby zei

OH!!! This is so fun and creative.

peppapig zei

LOL!! This is just fantastic Rian!!
Jayne :-)

indybev zei

You have given me a huge smile this evening, Rian. Great fun!

Ozstuff zei

You know, Rian, blackbirds (we call them crows but they are really ravens) fly around my house in great number and they are very noisy but I like them. When I see them close-up I think to myself how beautiful they are - jet black shiny feathers with a touch of blue.
Having said that on behalf of the crows, I love your picture which is so creative and so funny. Wonderful artwork!

Fiona (anubis 1 ) zei

Wonderful. Wonderful, Wonderful. A delight to gaze upon. Lovin this.

pat zei

What lovely blackbirds!! Love your work