woensdag 17 november 2010

Theme; Challenge The Three Muses / Automobile
One of the nice things to the challenge of the three muses, is the "SNEAK PEEK" every week.
For me it works to my advantage because I'm due to lack of time (I work half days) never am able to directly design. Often I think during the weekend what I want to publish, and if I have the time to follow a tutorial to learn more about photoshop.

This week I followed that same path and that was a good thing !
If I had waited until the last day I had not had the opportunity to participate because I have spent all day in the hospital with my mother.
She was feeling sick again and her doctors decided it was better for her to stay there.
Tomorrow I'm going back to visit her again..for now it's in the hands of the Lord.
About my entry ;
I followed a so called "OUT OF BOUNDS" photoshop tutorial which you can read HERE

Credits and "Work in Progress"

And if you want to grab this image. Just take it as a FREEBIE !!
To download...
Click on the picture to get a larger image.
Right click and "save to" your computer.
I'ts a PNG (I've cut it out for you and saved it on a transparant background)

27 opmerkingen:

Loes zei

GEWELDIG LEUK GEMAAKT RIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



terri d. zei

Very nice Rian! Love the pinks and the pretty flowers!

indybev zei

I love the perspective in this piece, as if the car is driving out of the frame. Delightful page, Rian. Thanks for sharing.
(I hope your Mother gets better).

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Well, Rian....are they old enough to drive? rofl. What a fun image, and beautifully presented. Great car image, love it. TFS.

Kelly zei

great card!

Judy zei

Wow, Rian thought it was a real greetings card til I scrolled down, what a fabulous effect, love it!

Grannie Annie zei

Rian ~ What a beautifully charming card...your work is exquisite!

Yvonne zei

LOVE your card, Rian! Thanks so much for the freebie too :)

pat zei

Love your artpiece
a very lovely way to illustrate the theme.

johanna zei

so beautiful!!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Beautiful card, looks a bit romantic.

thekathrynwheel zei

Ah, I know what you mean about working - going to work is such a nuisance and really gets in the way of your art!!
Best wishes for your mum.
And thanks for visiting my blog!

Junibears zei

A beautiful image (Thank you) and a wonderful card you've made. Love the effect of the car coming out of the frame.
best wishes to your Mum.
Hugs xx

Taluula zei

Rian this is a delight, I love the pinks and the softness and of course the way your car jumps out of the picture. Brilliant.

Lizbethem zei

The car looks carefree even if the occupants do not! So pretty, and so you, Rian!

see you there! zei

Great card! I enjoyed looking through some of your earlier posts. I admire your ability to create with the computer.It is nearly all I can do to turn mine on and off.

Hope your Mom is doing better.


peppapig zei

Gorgeous Rian!!
Thanks for sharing.

Jayne :-)

Christine zei

This is so lovely: flowers and stripes, and those adorable shades of pink and the image you choose... It's a very feminine take on the challenge too :)
Be grateful, Rian, I work 9 to 6 :(
Thanks for the freebie

WrightStuff zei

I'm afraid my car doesn't quite look like that - and nor do I dress up quite so properly for each outing!!
Wonderful piece.
Wishes of health go out to your mother.

Jackie zei

A lovely piece, Rian.
Hope your mother feels better soon.

Caro zei


Pauliina zei

This is So Sweet & Wonderful!!!

Ozstuff zei

Wow! Rian, this piece of art is special - so gorgeous, so rich, so colorful, so stunning. Can you guess that I love it - a lot.

Wonderful work.

Lisa M Griffin zei

Love the victorian feel. Thanks for sharing.

William zei

I don't plan on driving a car covered in roses, but your collage is beautiful!

selma zei

Thank you very much for the photo. Your entry is so beautiful!

Julia zei

Wat maak je toch prachtige dingen Rian! Petje af hoor!