zaterdag 16 april 2011

Theme: Challenge Take A Word / TRAVEL
My apologies because I'm a bit early but I'm gone all day tomorrow. Johan an I want to visit some flea markets to score new postcards :)

My entry; traveling with a DESTIONATION UNKNOWN.
I wonder what you think of when you see this picture ?
(Feel free to enlarge for a closer look)

Credits and a few printscreens "Work in Progress"

Have a Nice Sunday !!

10 opmerkingen:

Rebbeltje zei

Waar ik aan denk pffttt zoveel...

Prent uit de oude doos...
Reis naar...boven
Je hele hebben en houwen in een koffertje...nog ff doorgaan ???

Roept in ieder geval veel op...ik vind het prachtig.

Christine zei

Hello, Rian. Your picture out-of-the-box is a little bit sad, but superb. You didn't link your post at TAW, so I dared to do it for you. If I should not, sorry. In my last post, I have colored the couple according to your tutorial. I think it turned out nice, but perhaps a little pale. As I overlayed it with a texture, it will be hard to see the details. Congrats for your book, btw.

Taluula zei

Oh, Rian, this is such a sad story! I hope they didn't have to travel too far!

Brilliant interpretation beautifully illustrated.

Judy zei

My first thought when I saw your piece was, the couple were having to flee their home (wartime?) then they were separated - a sad story indeed.
Very poignant piece, Rian, you've conveyed lots of feeling!

indybev zei

What a unique interpretation of the challenge, Rian. It leaves me feeling these two led bleak and lonely lives. Out of the box thinking. Brilliant!

Rosie zei

Dear Rian, you are SO accomplished with your digital artwork and I LOVE this one. Sepia is my favourite "vintage" colour, even though I am lately using many brights!

Your collages are intricate and so detailed - you are a master! =))

Ineke zei

Goedemorgen lieve Rian ,
Ik heb weer even je mooie werk zitten bewonderen .
Je bent er maar druk mee .
En geeft niks dat je later was met de verjaardag van Max .
Je kan ook niet overal aan denken en ik denk dat je toen ook wel even wat anders aan je hoofd he.
Weet je over je mooie dochter Cheryl, die zal ongetwijfeld dingen van jou en van Johan hebben.
Maar op die foto vond ik echt dat ze op je leek .
Leuk dat je ook op facebook bent .Ik doe daar ook het spelletje FarmVille is wel lachen .
Nou meis ik wens je een hele mooie dag .
Geniet van het lekkere weertje .
Liefs en een dikke knufff .

Eila A zei

Rian, I love your piece - there's such an extraordinary feeling in it! Your collage gives a starting point for so many possible stories - do they have the same destination, or are they going separate ways? Broken hearts or a new start? Who left these things lying on the ground? Fantastic work!

Jackie zei

A great interpretation of the theme; rather poignant but very clever!

Electra zei

I think they are going to meet each other. It's beautiful!