zondag 1 mei 2011

Theme Challenge TakeAWord / EXPOSED
I had a hard time coming up with an idea for this theme but this is what I finally got made​​ :)

Credits for the original black/white photo = W. Blum
Font = Retro Rock Dafont.com
Texture = Jerry Jones
Brushes = Asunderstock.DeviantArt

19 opmerkingen:

Anne Huskey-Lockard zei

I think you did a great job with *exposed*~~plus there is a little humor in it too.
I love Jerry's textures he comes up with~~some beautiful work as is and it is fun to see one used!


Karel zei

ja er is in het woord exposed heel wat humor verborgen
Rian goeden dag
ik houd ook wel wat van die humor een beetje 2 ledig zal ik maar zeggen , humor met een dubbele bodem of totaal niets aan
maar zo als jij het brengt ja
zo kan jij het alleen

Femmy zei

geweldig!! en de humor in dit is super!!

Grannie Annie zei

A fantastic collage Rian...a great entry for exposed!!!

indybev zei

Great "take" on the challenge, Rian! Beautifully done!

LynnF zei

What a great piece, Rian. Wonderfully done!

Christine zei

The way he looks at those legs... A perfect choice, Rian. The piece conception is perfect too, as always.

Judy zei

It was hard for me too, Rian, to come up with something for this challenge, but you have certainly created a brilliant fun piece here, love it!!
(Thanks for the doll freebie, too, what fun you two must have had on this venture!)
(would you believe the word verification for my comment is 'slypimp!!!!)

Junibears zei

Oh Yes, very exposed! Lovely work as always Rian. xx

johanna zei

love your take on the theme!

Ozstuff zei

You may have found it difficult to come up with a picture for EXPOSED but, when the inspiration came to you, it came with a gorgeous piece of art. I love the grunginess, the lighting and the earthy colours. Fabulous.

Jackie zei

A lovely humorous piece, Rian - I'm half hoping one of those dancing girls 'accidently' kicks him!!!

Rosie zei

I like your take on the challenge Rian! Very cool!

Victoria zei

I love your take on this theme! So well done!

Hella zei

Gaaf! Leuke draai aan het thema gegeven.Hou ik wel van.

Anoniem zei

Lovely leg contest, lovely art, Rian!

sugar Creek zei

that's a sexy one!! I love your blog banner!!! Thank you for your comment on mine glad you found me too!

Rhonda zei

Great exposure! Cheers!

Bill zei

This made me smile! Fantastic take on the word exposed.