dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Theme; Challenge TheThreeMuses / EGGS

A photomanipulation.
I can't help it but every time I saw my entry after it was ready,
I tended to add a spoon above the head with a lot of splatters !

Credits; Baby= W.Blum / Egg= Freakingnews / Backgr.= Selfmade

26 opmerkingen:

Karel zei

wat zal die een koppijn hebben
kan je dat niet ff bijwerken
of geeft dat bijwerkingen

Dymphie zei

jij bent toch de beste in dit werk! Gaaf gedaan (arm joch...).

Hella zei

WOW, weer zo mooi! Maar dat effect met die lepel wil ik ook wel zien hoor...LOL...en dan vooral degene die door die spetters onder is komen te zitten...haha..meestal de mama of papa...

QueenBe zei

Rian, thank you for the warm welcome to the challenge! Your entry is SO unique! I love it.

bluegiraffe (Sherry) zei

Oh, poor baby!!!!! :) A very creative piece, Rian.

Silvia(Barnie) zei

:D Thanks for the big smile on my face. ... Poor little baby ;)

Glenys zei

Rian, your humour throws me everytime!!! and this piece is no exception... great image with a very strong design essence!
Great stuff my friend!

linda zei

i just knew this would be weird and wonderful!

I was RIGHT!

Kaylene zei

I am glad you did not add the spoon, your image is intriguing, and as for your humour, I should not be surprised my husband is Dutch.

Netty zei


Grannie Annie zei

I think you've given me a headache Rian. This is painfully funny that poor baby...what a great imagination you have...outstanding artwork and certainly the most memorable entry for eggs!!!

suzeeez zei

Wow....very different. I feel bad for that poor baby with the cracked head.

Christine zei

This is so funny and clever! I love your sense of humour.

indybev zei

Great page design, beautifully done.....but I just want to put Humpty Dumpty back together again! Recife is one of my favorites too. Thanks for joining us this week, Rian!

Judy zei

Oh, Rian, you've really 'cracked' me up with this one!! LOL! What a beaut, how do you think of such ideas, LOVE it, the child's face is perfect!!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

This is priceless! What a wonderful presentation, Rian. Love it.

Junibears zei

Beautiful work and very very clever. But oh! that poor baby! xx

Anoniem zei

OOOPSY! Ssomeone dropped the baby on its head!
Seriously, this is incredibly imaginative and beautiful!

pepeetje zei

Prachtig gedaan Rian, oh ik ben niet Jopke designs... stond beetje verkeerd op het blog :-)

johanna zei

haha, though of something different when imagining an egghead, but well... great idea!!

Melisa zei

Poor baby! What a wonderful imagination you have!

Taluula zei

You, Miss Rian, are wonderfully creative artist and a tonic too. This is absolutely inspired and hilarious and gave me the first smile of the day. Applause from my corner.

Christine zei

Me again... About my coloring on Maureen O'Sullivan piece, yes I used the technique you taught on that tutorial, but I simplified it by not creating another layer (I'm not good at the blending step). Instead, after selecting the area using the Q mask I just color it using the "color balance box". I'm so grateful to you by introducing me to that magic box!

sbpoet zei

This made me cry.


Terri Kahrs zei

OMG! I've heard of egg on your face, but this cracks me up!!! Get it?!?!?!? This is ADORABLE, Rian!!!! Happy Weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxox

Bill zei

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. That poor little child. I hope you aren't planning on eating his brains for breakfast!