woensdag 22 juni 2011

Theme; Challenge TheThreeMuses / QUIRKY

I hesitated a moment if this picture was appropriate for the theme because I did not fully understand what "quirky" is.
Google translated in Dutch as "eigenzinnig" PHEW.
Anyway...humorous is it for sure...at last my kind of humor gnagna.
As you can see I challenged myself also to create this puzzle effect again in photoshop.

Thanks for looking...off to sleep now :)
BTW...have you discovered my freebie yet ?
You can find it in the post below. Enjoy !!
Hugsss Rian

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Kaylene zei

Very clever and great idea.

peggy gatto zei

this is so clever!!!!!!
Andy quirky, I love that word!!!

Grannie Annie zei

What a unique and fabulous idea...great job Rian!!!

indybev zei

I've always heard the term "he just went to pieces". Now I know what it means! This is fun and interesting, Rian. Applause from my corner!

Kelly zei

very cool! love your puzzle art!

Anoniem zei

Wow! What a super idea, Rian! Very clever.

Rosie zei

Thanks for the freebie! The new collage sheets are awesome Rian - bravo! What a quirky puzzle of that little child!!

Junibears zei

What a clever effect Rian! looks 'quirky' to me. Love it and thank you for the freebie. I haven't decided what to do with it yet! xx

Taluula zei

I knew we could count on you, Rian. This is quirky and humorous too so special applause from my corner.

PS was your suggestion to tap into someone else's internet? Believe me I may well have tried it but I don't even have the modem/router yet.

Plush Possum Studio zei

HOW did you accomplish that unique look?????

Effie zei

That's very cleaver.. fab stuff!

Glenys zei

Sorry it has been so long since I have commented on your work, so I came to visit ... truly inspirational and a delight to behold! I will be away for a month and know that there will be more waiting for me when I return... you inspire me greatly!

johanna zei

unique take on the theme, love the puzzle!