donderdag 1 september 2011


As from NEXT WEEK my free images and free collage sheets
will be published and shared on a NEW BLOG !!

I'm working hard to re-upload ALL the Freebies
and get everything ready in time.

I also want to remove the free PSD's from my website
I have to do this because the traffic overthere became too high due to the numerous of free downloads.
Don't worry...You will still benefit riandesign freebies also!
I will upload them too on my new blog but now as PNG's
so everyone can use them !!

More information with the NEW FREEBIES LINK will follow soon okay ?

5 opmerkingen:

Ann zei

will keep watching!!!!

Terri Kahrs zei

Rian!!! This is Exciting News!!! Whoo-Hoo!!! Guess what?!?!?!? You've won FIRST PRIZE in my drawing!!! You will own the MousePad!!! Do you BELIEVE IT???? And, you don't even have to scrub my floors!!! HAhahahah1!!!! Send me an email with your home address so I can get it in the post to you. Also tell me what collage sheet you'd like to have, and I'll send a link!!! Congratulations, My Dear Friend!!!! I'm sooo happy that your name was drawn!!!! I'll be posting the winners in a few hours, but you're at the top of the list!!! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Sharon zei

I'll stay tuned for more info!!

Karel zei

mogge Rian
dus een nieuwe site vol met gratis mooi's
en je leest het je hoeft gelijk geen vloeren meer te boenen hihi
wens je een fijn weekend

Carolyn zei

Hi Rian, it has taken me several attempts to actually get to this screen to tell you THANK YOU. I like what you have done with your blog. I have had your buttons on my digital blog for a long time but today alerted readers with a special post so they can come visit and see what all you offer.

Best of luck; happy you had a fun vacation.

Oh if you are still in the giving mood; I'd love to have a copy of your decorative vignettes. They are so beautiful!