maandag 19 september 2011

Theme ; Challenge Take A Word / MALE

Men are from Mars !

Men and women are different, we knew that already only when you look closely, you see how differently men and women think, feel,
communicate and love.
So, no need to read the book of John Gray...I already knew :-)


And a few printscreens "Work in Progress"
(I'm busy to learn more about the chanelmixers in photoshop)

31 opmerkingen:

LynnF zei

Wow, perfect for this theme! Absolutely spot on, Rian!

Judy zei

Spectacular piece, Rian, enjoying seeing all the hilarious 'male art' today!

Ann zei

fabulous art!!!

Grannie Annie zei

A very beautiful "Manly" piece...well done!!!

Kaylene zei

How true and sometimes we wish we could put them there

indybev zei

HA, Rian! You've illustrated the saying beautifully.

Sandy zei

Wow this is spectacular.
Fantastic way to this result Rian. Unbelievable art.

Junibears zei

Your artwork is spectacular. Very well done! An amazing piece.xx

Jackie zei

Isn't that right!! A fabulous piece, Rian.

Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

This is perfect Rian.
So beautiful and very nice to see your process to make this.
It´s really spectacular.
Lovely greet

Taluula zei

Rian, you have blown me away with this, you just get better and better my friend.

Anoniem zei

How spectacular, Rian! Thanks for showing how you put it all together.

Yvonne zei

Awesome piece, Rian!

lisa zei

really liked this one!

johanna zei

such a great take on the theme! it is incredible how much labor you put into one piece... it must take hours! but the effects are gorgeous!

Faye zei

How true, Rian!!! I love your interpretation. Very well done. And yes, I have used Uncle Robert and Leslie before. You have such a sharp memory!

Ana Cristina Caldatto zei

grata por compartilhar imagens!
beijos beijos

Christine zei

A Martian in the midst of his daily primal scream... Male stuff... Love this, Rian. Thanks for the how-to.

Rebbeltje zei

Het blijven kunstwerkjes waar ik de ballen niet van snap hoe je het voor elkaar krijgt whahaha
Gelukkig snap ik je brabants wel grijnzzzz

Bill zei

Ah ha! Now this one is fantastic! My kind of character!

Bill zei


I'm going to get Kaylene for her comment.

Karel zei

mogge Rian
ja ik geniet nog ff na hoor
ook ik hoef dat boek niet te lezen weet ook het verschil al hihi
je hebt er wel weer iets moois van gemaakt

Ineke zei

Goedemorgen lieve Rian ,
Prachtig gemaakt je kunstwerkje .
En het klopt helemaal ..... mannen komen van Mars hihihi..... ik wist het al .
Vind de warme kleuren heel mooi .
Fijne dinsdag meis .
Liefs Ien

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Elizabeth zei

Rian, wat heb je weer een schitterende creatie gemaakt!! Ik blijf mij verbazen hoe je het iedere keer weer voor elkaar krijgt om alles zo mooi bij elkaar te krijgen.

Rebbeltje zei

Kom je even een fijne verjaardag wensen...Dikke PROFICIAT en veel plezier vandaag.

Harlequin zei

very beautiful! with the procedure it is perfect! Thank you! How many times I've wondered how you do it:) Have a nice day! Really great job!

Ozstuff zei

In my life, dear Rian, the man definitely is from Mars and I wish he would ##$%^%$%^ go back there.
Your picture is fabulous - so dramatic and full of energy. Wonderful artwork.

Harlequin zei

Have a nice day! For me to blog waiting for you credit for your krásnoupráci by which to divide us through your blog! Greetings from Czech Republic!...

Sim zei

and women are from venus...

Beautiful work Rian!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

That's wonderful, love the colors.