woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses / WINGS

"Mirror mirror on the wall
Who has the sexiest wings of them all" :-)
Credits ;
Background / Moon and Letters / Wings = Allforgraphic.net /
All the rest riandesign.eu

28 opmerkingen:

ann zei

Ohhh this is amazing I love it !!!

indybev zei

Oh my goodness. I'm sure the mirror has broken!! This one left me smiling, Rian. Good work!

Grannie Annie zei

Oh you make me laugh with your wonderful comic collages what a great picture very funny and great work!!!

ArtChick zei

I love the whimsy and fun you add to your creations. They always make me smile! So much detail to look at too. Love it!

Ann zei

this is just marvelous!! i love it!!!
it makes me laugh..just fabulous!!

Ozstuff zei

I'm laughing and thinking that I'm glad that they are not asking "Who is the fairest of them all?" as they are all, well, mmmmmm, a little bit ugly!! This is fabulous Rian. Thankyou for brightening my day. It is morning here in Australia.
Yes, my blue fairy took some time. I do it all with my mouse as I haven't yet bought myself a tablet. I use ArtRage software which is a wonderful painting program. As it isn't a photo edit program I put my pictures together in PS or other software. ArtRage has some wonderful tools such as a "gloop pen" which I used to make the wings and "expanding rims" which allows me to choose the size of the circles which have a highlighted rim and colouring inside. Thanks for your lovely comment on my fairy!!

Yvonne zei

OMG this really is fabulous, Rian!

Judy zei

You've brightened a very gloomy day, Rian, LOVE that woman, what a gem she is amongst your amazing characters, awesome piece!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

What a hoot!! This is priceless, Rian.

Anoniem zei

How funny, Rian! Love it!

Rein zei

Weer een prachtige creatie Rian!

Karel zei

Rian in hoeveel stukken is die spiegel in stukken gevallen hihi
maar al in al is het een pracht plaat
groet van uit het hoge noorden

Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

Dit is schiterend Rian en ontzetend grappig. Pracht combi heb je gemaakt.
Je moet er echt om lachen.
lieve groetjes Marja

Rosie zei

You are so talented Rian!! Made me laugh out loud!! Great job!

Junibears zei

I had a great smile with this one Rian! Great work! Love it. xx

mary.kg zei

Quel collage ! c'est très amusant ! Bravo !
Amicalement Mary.kg

linda zei

This is such a hoot, Rian! And a wonderful tribute to two of America's great physical comedians.

Paulette zei


This is a great piece of comedic art.

peggy gatto zei

thanks for the giggle this morning!!!
Love the details!!

Lins Artyblobs zei

Funny :-)

Taluula zei

You crack me up sometimes, Miss Rian, with your fabulous sense of humour. This gave me the biggest smile.

© LoeS © zei



Bill zei

Very fun! It made me smile.

Ineke zei

Hihihi deze is ook heel gaaf Rian .
Die Karel in hoeveel stukken is de spiegel gebroken ....
Maar het is weer een mooi schilderijtje geworden .
Liefs Ien

barefoot muse zei

Wonderful, and so very humorous!

Rebbeltje zei

Whahahaha als de spiegel maar heel blijft met al dat schoons...

Rein zei

Deze is geweldig!

Gaby Bee zei

What a fun! This is such a beautiful interpretation of the wings challenge. Thanks for the giggle! Enjoyed the visit!

Have a lovely week!