zondag 13 november 2011

Theme ; Challenge Take A Word / MOONSTRUCK

I've practiced again with black & white lighteffects this week but I'm still not satisfied. It's so hard to learn because you can exposure the view in the smallest details. Just like taking a real photo. In photoSHOP it's a game with light and shadow too.
But anyway :-) thanks for the challenge ladies and for visiting my blog !

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Kaylene zei

I think your b/w is very crisp and clear, and yes it is hard to get the effect you wish for, but I have found that playing around and doing a few tutorials are the way to go. Check out Joel.Wolfson.com he has tips under favourites. Cheers

Grannie Annie zei

I just love your delightful moon goddesses Rian this just make me smile...well done!!!

suzeeez zei

Fun piece !

indybev zei

Interesting study in black and white, Rian. I love the dancing moon godesses.

Yvonne zei

Beautiful, Rian! Love the black and white.

LynnF zei

Looks pretty darned good to me! Great work!

linda zei

I love your black and white, Rian! the contrast is wonderful--and is that a flying saucer among the moons and planets?

Judy zei

Love the paper clips, Rian and of course your brilliant composition, love to see monochromatic art for a change!
My dog OK, on tablets for an eye problem, he will be 12 next month!
My sculpture is made from metal and was featured on the waterfront in our capital so probably not an Aboriginal design.

Electra zei

I Love the planets in the foreground, it makes me feel as if I can reach out and run my finger along the surface of the moon. Beautiful! And the dancers are having SUCH a good time!

Bill zei

This made me smile. Black and white is so beautiful when it's done right like you have done it.

Junibears zei

I love your Moon dancers Rian. l
Lovely effect! xx

Karel zei

mogge Rian
moonstruck , ja er hang er nog een boven de dansers , las dat je een stijve wijsvinger had en dan tochdit voor elkaar krijgen , gewweldig
ja smaken verschillen , gelukkig
fijne dag

Sim zei

Your b & w is perfect Rian!
I adore your idea & your realisation!
Master piece!

Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

Beautiful delightful moon godesses Rian. Love the black and white.
Lovely greet

Bertie's zei

Het is prachtig. Ik bewonder je werk. Zelf kan ik helemaal niks digitaals!

Rebbeltje zei

Gossie kreeg jij niks whahaha
Zal je wel niet lieg genoeg geweest zijn hihi
Leuk dat zw/wit...en weet je kan me er niks bij voorstellen dat dat moeilijk is grijnzzzzz

Anoniem zei

You have done a super job with this black and white digital collage, Riann! I love the idea of dancing on the moon!

Lins Artyblobs zei

Dancing on the moon - great fun!

Maelchen zei

How light and easygoing is the dance of your moon godesses even thought the colours of black and white would refer to a more solemn atmosphere. I like your piece very much!

Taluula zei

This is delicious, Rian, and reminds of the song : by the light of the silvery moon.

Victoria zei

Wow..spectacular..such a magnificent , striking piece..love it!! beautiful! you are amazing!

johanna zei

this is divine! this b/w also has a part of silver in it! wonderful!

Janny zei

Ik vind hem super :-)

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Jackie zei

Such a striking piece, Rian.