woensdag 23 november 2011

Theme ; Challenge The Three Muses / "That's Entertainment".


If there is ONE entertaining blog.. then it is TheThreeMuses-challenge blog hosted by Ann, Bev and Marie !!!
I absolutely don't know how many times I've participated yet, but one thing is for sure... I would be lost if they ever would stop !! Really !!
How busy I sometimes be, TTM means everything to me ! :-)
I hope they will forgive me that I took a printscreen of their blog ! LOL

PART ONE Credits & "work in progress"

PART TWO Credits & "work in progress"

Thanks for your time and I wish you all a very nice day !!
Hugsss, Rian

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bluegiraffe (Sherry) zei

Excellent!!!!! This is a perfect piece, and a great tribute to the Three Muses.

linda zei

I love this Rian! Just a tiny bit off in a sinister direction...it nakes you stop and look again. Those gentlemen are truly weird!

Grannie Annie zei

BRAVO...a big standing ovation from me after all The 3 Muses have provided a lot of entertainment for all of us...and your picture just rocks Rian!!!

Grannie Annie zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Kaylene zei

What a great idea and you have made it a perfect piece of entertainment. Cheers

Rebbeltje zei

ha je bent aan het gummen?
Weer een mooi prentje heb je er staan en mooi verwerkt allemaal.

Bij mij is het weer opgelost...had wat instellingen fout staan dus niks photobucket...haha wilde de schuld op een ander schuiven maar lukte dus niet. Groetjes

ann zei

Rian I love this it is so entertaining with so much to look at !!!

Ozstuff zei

Rian, this is your MASTERPIECE! It's fabulous. I keep going back to look at all the details and I wonder just how long it took you to design and create it. I am so flattered that you featured the Muses!! I just love it and will keep it on my computer as a reminder of your generosity and art skills. The picture has so much richness and texture and LIFE. Whoohoo.

Karel zei

They will forgive you
nice work Rian
like you done it before so it looks
ik maak maar weer gein
komt ik zag je geinponum ook weer vanavond
ik sluitzo af en ga ff slapen
dus ik zeg trusten

indybev zei

Rian, you're a sweetheart. Such kind words....and such clever art. I always look forward to a visit here, and you never disappoint me. I also appreciate that you take the time to show your journey of creation. Warm hugs from my part of the world!

peggy gatto zei

You are GOOD!!!!!!!!!
I love the step by step, thanks!!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Great take on the theme, Rian. Love it!

johanna zei

BRAVO!! and you are so right, they are a big part of my entertainment, too! so clever, rian!

Junibears zei

Superfantastic Rian. What a great idea. Beautifully made and a wonderful tribute! xx

Elizabeth zei

Schitterende creatie evenals die van maandag!! Bedankt voor de freebie.

Rebbeltje zei

Hoi hoi
Kom ik dat kwartje toch ffkes brengen...zag een verwijderde reactie...dat noemen wij gummen whahaha...
Fijne dag

Sim zei

Toooooo goooood!
Your the only one to be able to do that!
Huge hugs!

Bill zei

I agree wholeheartedly! The three muses look wonderful on a stage.

Taluula zei

This is a masterpiece of fun and generosity, Rian, and every time I take another look I have to smile again and again.

Also as one of the Three Muses I am flattered and honoured to know you like to visit and participate often in the challenges. You are a true friend.

Anoniem zei

I agree with you, Rian! This is a lovely tribute to our Three Muses. Thanks for showing us the steps you took.

suzeeez zei

great idea, very cute !

Karel zei

Ja knappe vent he., en weet je Rian ben niets veranderd hihi

Patty Biermans zei

Prachtig en het juiste sfeertje weergegeven!! knufzz..peebee

Ineke zei

Hihihi, die Karel met ik ben nog niks veranderd ....grapjas .
De laatste twee ook even bekeken .
zijn zoals gewoonlijk weer zeer fraai .
Wat ben je toch een crea meisje .
Liefs Ien

Netty zei

Brilliant composition for a great blog, x

Bella~Rose zei

I love the men!

Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

Dit is weer prachtig Rian. Je raakt niet uitgekeken. Prachtig.
Wat je schreef op mijn blog, kan ik helemaal beamen. Ook ik krabbelde en tekende zo vroeger op school mijn agenda vol. Nu nog tijdens langere telefoongesprekken. En gaaf dat ik het nu op een kaart kan doen. Leuk hoor.
lieve groetjes Marja

ann zei

Hi Rian.
You asked me what was the meaning of
"Nana Brag "
It means speaking Proudly of your Grand Children.
and thank you for the lovely comments you leave xxx