zondag 18 december 2011

Theme ; Challenge Take A Word / SEPIA

Take ONE Sepia-toned

Take TWO Sepia-Toned

Like most things in Photoshop, there are probably a half dozen ways to simulate a sepia tone image but I never knew that sepia was simply ink extracted from a cuttlefish (the European Common Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis)), a cephalopod closely related to octopuses and squid!
(source www.digital-photography-school.com)

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Kaylene zei

beautiiful, seasons greetings to you and see in the New Year. Cheers

Judy zei

Amazing that the same pieces in different shades give a different feeling, Rian, the top one such warm colours - hope but the other to me - sadness & loss! Just my thoughts of your beautiful art!
So you will be 'empty-nesters' when your daughter 'flies' the nest, hope she's close by.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas and 2012, Rian, thank you for leaving lovely comments this year!!
See you next year!

Grannie Annie zei

Wow Rian this is extraordinary the first is my favorite it just touchs a cord in my heart...fabulous work my dear you should print these too...I get a few of mine printed when I'm happy with them.

Yvonne zei

Awesome work, Rian!

Sharon zei

Wow wonderful creations!!! She looks a little bit haunting!! Love what you do!!

Ann zei


Christine zei

So dramatic and beautiful, Rian. Both are wonderful, but I prefer take 2.

Junibears zei

Such beautiful imagery that touches the heart. Wonderful!
Christmas greetings dear Rian and thank you for your beautiful art.xx

johanna zei

just wonderful - happy holidays to you and yours!

Netty zei

Both wonderful collages. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, x

Taluula zei

I take my hat off to you, Rian, that every time I open up your blog you have learned something new and put it into practice, making another gorgeous piece. I love this layer upon layer approach and agree with Judy that there are many emotions woven into this one.

I too, hope your daughter remains nearby for you.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and happy and healthy new year, my friend.

Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

very very beautiful Rian. Both of them, but my favorite is the first one. Soooooo fabulous.
Lovely greet

Bertiebo zei

Echt heel erg mooi!

Victoria zei

I LOVE visiting your creative realm....absolutely breathtaking and beautiful..my soul is dancing..beautiful!!

Sim zei

Tooooo beautiful dear friend!
Take a breath, then a break, & feel free my Rian! I hope the best for you!
Thinking of you!
Huges hugs!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Fabulous sepia art pieces, Rian. So beautifully presented as your work always is. Also, thank you for the education on the origins of 'sepia ink"....so interesting. May you receive all wonderful blessings this Christmas Season. Be well. Hugs, Gayle.

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Elizabeth zei

Schitterend!! Alle twee met sepia en zo verschillend.De eerste heeft alleen meer warmte in zich.

ann zei

WOW Rian such different effects and I love them both.