zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Knock Knock... I'm back !! Shop-updates and a PRIZE

The most obvious opportunity to create time was to isolate myself from my busy/hectic daily life. I locked myself in my PC room and did what I enjoy the most....
Music on, starting up Photoshop... and at the same time while I was designing, I let my thoughts run free. I don't always need to expose my worries and frustrations because I know from experience that quality time for myself, heels my wounds.
Then I realize again that I don't have to be SUPERwoman/mom/friend/sis/employee etc. and that I don't have to be liked by everyone !
Taking time for myself was connecting with myself and was essential for my inner balance ! And that loud saying as from today I TAKE ACTION again :-)

15 NEW COLLAGE SHEETS February 2012
with a total of 120 ! unique designed Tags and Labels
I invite you hearty to take a look around :-)
or feel free to ENLARGE these pictures for a closer view.
Sample ONE

Sample TWO

Sample THREE

And gues I'm in such a generous mood because yesterday I got my 250th item added to my shop. If you want to take a chance to win this digital collage sheet with Victorian Roses you just need to leave your name with the choice whether you prefer a PNG or JPEG. This surprise (personal use only !)will close after 1 week. SUCCES !!!

This is a smaller sample. The real sheet is 3300x2550 (A4 format)
The labels can be used for your gifts when you print them or, for your (digital) scrapbooking projects, journaling, altered art, collage work etc. etc.

22 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Welcome back, Rian! Your words are so true, you don't need to be super women and liked by everyone!

Thanks for a chance to win your beautiful sheet :)

Sim zei

Hi dear Rian!
Sooooo happy you're back!
For your sake & ours!
Your sheets & your work are WONDERFUL
Bravo chère amie!
Huge hugs!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity zei

Welcome back Rian. Your rest did you well, I see. Beautiful sheets you have made. Marvelous.
Lovely greet

Ineke van den Akker zei

Gaaf! Die wil ik wel.

Karel zei

wat maak jij een herrie hihi
ik sluit af en ga slapen
ben blij dat je terug bent ,maar mak an hoor knockknockknockknock

Victoria zei

Hello! WOW! What super gorgeous collages sheets these are! You never disappoint, thats for sure. If I was fortunate enough to win I'd like JPEG. Thanx for the opportunity! Linda

© LoeS © zei




Ann zei

yes,quality time is the best for us! just be yourself,enjoy yourself...people will like/love you for who you are,not what you do!
beautiful new sheets! i tried to pick a favorite..but each,in it's own way,is so special and beautiful!
how kind and thoughtful of you to have a drawing for the Victorian Rose sheet..gorgeous! please add my name! i'm delighted to have the chance to win!!png if I'm the lucky one!
happy weekend !!!

Dr. Mary zei

Wow, such a beautiful creation. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to win such a generous gift!

Taluula zei

Rian, I am glad to see you back with your batteries recharged.

Carol zei

I've just found your wonderful blog and such generous freebies - I'm loving these new sheets. Thank you for a chance to win.

Ana Cristina Caldatto zei

você é formidável em sua arte!

Judy zei

No wonder your 'translator' said 'Grammar' because i have just noticed the 'somethings' SHOULD BE 'some things!!!!!' B@@###r - now translate that!!!!!!!!
Fabulous collage sheets!
Hope all is well with you Rian!

Glenys zei

It is so great to be back and able to work again. I have missed everyone so much but never had the 'brain-space' to cope with anything. That has all changed as i start a new life full of promise and exciting things to well as extend my art.
thanks for your wondeful words...they touched my soul.

Sim zei

Hi dear Rian!
I didn't print the "Croquis d'Atelier" yet... But Marja will do it for stamping! Cool!
I missed you a lot! I'm so happy you're back!!
I took your new freebie, not because I like to eat mushrooms – I don’t - but because I love going out in the countryside & look for them anywhere when it's the right time of year. And because even if I don't like gnomes either, I search for them too at the same time anyway... In your blog I found them all!! :)
And... No, I don't manage at all the freezing wave at the moment...
I hate ice around, but, happyly, I've still got water & electricity up to now...
Huge hugs my friend!
And... Take care on the road!

(Very funny: my Woodverificatie is "vesse", which is a mushroom name in french! :))

Rebbel zei

Nondepie moet ik jou nu komen vertellen dat er zoiets als ctrl-V bestaat...maar dat van die poes is zielig ja...had ze maar gelijk zelf gekeken maja als als als
Glad your back!

Rebbel zei

ME TOO dat je de weg nog steeds weet te vinden.

Ineke zei

Och Rian net je verhaal gelezen bij Loes van het kleine poesje .
Inderdaad een horor verhaal zeg .
Zo zielig en veel te jong.
Lief van Johan dat hij mee ging naar de dierenarts .
Jeetje zeg is toch ook veel te koud voor die kleintjes .
Fijn dat je weer terug bent meis .
Ik heb al weer allemaal mooie en fleurige werkjes zitten bewonderen.
Nou wens je nog een fijne avond verder .
Liefs en een knufffff .

Karel zei

hi Rian
alles wel , denk het gezien je lach bij mij
en nee ik ben niets veranderd hoor , maar dat plaatje laat zien hoe mijn bezoek reageerd op mijn blog hihi
wens je een goede nacht

Anoniem zei

Hi Rian, good of you to take time for "healing". I think you ARE a superwoman.Love your artwork and I hope to win your lovely sheet. Maybe it is my lucky day...♥
Marlou Konings.

Bill zei

I love roses, and your sheets are beautiful! I would like to enter.

Electra zei

Congratulations Rian and thanks for your words of wisdom! All of your artwork is so magnificant!!