maandag 7 mei 2012

Theme ; Challenge Take A Word  / GENTLEMEN

I can't get enough from Eduardo Reciefe and this week I've made a TYPOGRAPHY COLLAGE.
It's such a pleasant and challenging learning proces !! 
You just need a open mind toward objects & embellishments 
and solid sense of composition !
The background was a lot of work. First I scanned old banknotes which I could borrow from my nephew.(He's a coin-collector)
Once finished I've blend the images with different modes.
It's better visible when you enlarge this piece.
*The gentleman is a piece from a painting of Joseph Christian Lyendecker.
*All embellishments = riandesign
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24 opmerkingen:

Rebbel zei

Zie aan de blogjes dat ik al een tijd niet ben geweest...druk zullen we maar zeggen met andere dingen. Vandaag onze jaarlijkse meidendag gehad en zit nu uit te rusten voor de pc hihi
En dat je creaties leuk zijn weet je intussen al toch?
Groetjes en fijne week

Grannie Annie zei

This is just exquisite elegant great job!

Kelly zei

awesome work!

Kaylene zei

Great work love it. Hugs

Judy zei

Wow, what an intricate background, Rian, I bet is was a lot of work, too, love your take on the theme!

MaRyKaY zei

wow simply stunning piece of work. first time I have heard of Eduardo Reciefe but you have portrayed him handsomely. thanks for sharing with us all.

Bella~Rose zei

Great piece. So much to look at!

Junibears zei

You've put such a lot of work into this piece Rian. It's absolutely brilliant!xx

Christine zei

Your piece inspired by Eduardo Recife and embellished by Leyendecker handsome gentleman is fantastic Rian. A hard work with a happy ending :)

Electra zei

This is amazing, Rian! Your background is gorgeous!

Sandy zei

Wow this is very impressive.
Wonderful gentlemen piece Rian. xoxo

Mark zei

Deze is heel mooi geworden!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity zei

Fantastisch mooi typography work Rian.
lovely greet

Karin zei

heel erg mooi, schitterende achtergrond, wat een werk zeg!
Maar een echte gentlemen is het geworden!

linda zei

Absolute;y stunning , Rian! I love the intricacy, all the text and that lovely gentleman!

Rein zei

Weer een leuke!

Anoniem zei

This is a superb collage, Rian!

indybev zei

What a brilliant background idea! Great collage and page design.

Bill zei

I love this piece! I've always been interested in typography.

Lynne zei

What an amazing background.The detail in this is fantastic.

© LoeS © zei


peggy gatto zei

Amazing details for this dapper gentleman!!!

Sim zei

Hohohoooo, what a beautiful gentleman, & what a wonderful work on this typography artpiece dear Rian!

Polly zei

absolutely love this - exquisite work.