woensdag 25 juli 2012

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses  / STEAMPUNK MAKEOVER
(of someone you admire)
Well, someone who I always admired was my.....Dad !!!
He had the positive quality to always see the humor in little things
and I am convinced that, when he could see this steampunk selfportait of him,
he would roll over with laughter and fell off his cloud :-)
Love you always daddy !!!
Photo = personal / Background mostly made with my own stuff /
Texture = FloraBella / Chain = Lorie Davison / Mask = scanned. 

19 opmerkingen:

peggy gatto zei

Oh my, over the top ingenious!!!

Lori Saul zei

Wow- I think your Dad would love 'your' sense of humor and creativity too!

Grannie Annie zei

Way past wonderful Rian I love this it's GRREAT!

Judy zei

What fun, Rian, love the cracked glass in his mask, those little touches make it more special!!

Kaylene zei

I am sure he would be laughing, how creative. Bravo

indybev zei

I think your Daddy passed along his sense of humor to his daughter, Rian. He would be so proud of your talents. Great work!

Chris Arlington @ My Arty Attempts zei

Fabulous steampunk Rian !
Thank you for your kind words re: Olly. We can all learn something from our unconditional furbabies.
My sympathy goes out to you also.XO

Sandy zei

Absolutely stunning Rian.
Really great steampunk sytle.
This rock.

Ozstuff zei

A fabulous tribute to your Dad. It seems you got your sense of humour from him and I am sure he would have enjoyed this joke. Wonderful artwork as always.

Junibears zei

I know he's laughing Rian!! Beautiful piece! xx

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity zei

Really stunning Rian. Great steampunk work
Lovely greet

Patty Biermans zei

Je hebt je gevoel voor humor in ieder geval niet van een vreemde! Goeie creatie! knufzz....peebee

Taluula zei

Rian, this has to be one for the family album so that everyone else can roll over and smile too. Such a lovely tribute to a man who was known for his fun. Bravo, my friend.

By the way, yes it was the difference mode in my Messy piece. :D

Anoniem zei

Rian, I'm sure he is laughing with delight! Superb steampunk.
By the Way: My Jackson Pollock is REAL, messy paint!

Elizabeth zei

Schitterend om zo een foto van je vader te bewerken!!

Lou Anne zei

This is awesome as usual! Your dad would be proud.

Bella~Rose zei

Oh how wonderful!!

Ann zei

i absolutely love this!

Jackie zei

I think this is fabulous. It made me smile!