zondag 12 augustus 2012

Theme ; Challenge "Take A Word" /  WINGS
Theme ;  My VACATION to the STATES !!

That this is precisely the theme of this week can't be coincidence!
Very soon I will be leaving for my trip to the States
so this will be my LAST POST FOR THE COMING WEEKS,.

The first image is a funny selfportret.
 who is almost ready to pack her bags and happy as a child that her
Some blog friends already knew that this trip was planned long ago.
 My husband Johan and I were married 30 years last year and to celebrate this, we decided to skip a huge feast with family and friends.
Instead we start saving a lot of money for this once in-a-life-time trip,
so we could take our children with us !!
And now.....the time is finaly there.
I feel so blessed that we can take this adventure together with
Cheryl and Mitchell !! 
When you enlarge this picture you can see the places which we are going to visit.

The FIRST WEEK we will be traveling trough the East-side of the States.
We start from Amsterdam → New York → Niagara Falls → Toronto →
back to Washington DC
Then we take a next flight to the West coast where we will traveling for another TWO WEEKS
We start from Los Angeles → Phoenix/Scottsdale → Grand Canyon →
Las Vegas → Yosemite NP → San Francisco → Santa Maria →
back to Los Angeles.
And then.....ooohh so tired
but hopefully TOTALY overwhelmed by ALL the sightseeings,
a lot of laughter and cherishing moments together
we start the longggg flight home to Amsterdam.

Once home...the last week I will use my time to make a book with hundreds of photos of this journey. YEAHHHHAAA hèhè.
I would love to read your reactions.
And then...sorry about this long post.....
my SECOND piece with WINGS.
A tasty snack that can be enjoyed during my absence :-))
Please treat him gently.

Sending you A LOT of hugsss and LOVE
I will be back in about four weeks.
RIAN xxx ♥

17 opmerkingen:

aisling zei

Enjoy your trip!

Reb-beltje zei

Wens jullie een hele fijne vakantie...en tot ???
Veel plezier!

Jayne zei

Cool pages Rian!
Wishing you and your family a wonderfully fantastic time on your trip!!

Jayne :)

Anita zei

OOOOOOOOOwwww Rian dat wordt een ONVERGETELIJKE en INDRUKWEKKENDE vakantie!!!
Mag ik je een tip geven?????? Schrijf elke dag op wat je doet en waar je bent geweest, want.... geloof me.... na een week ben je het besef van tijd kwijt en weet je niet meer wat je al allemaal hebt gezien en gedaan. (en ik kannut weten, want khebbut zelf meegemakt)
Ik wens jullie een PRACHTIGE vakantie, heel veel plezier en een goeie reis.

peggy gatto zei

Have a wonderful trip!!!!
I am in San francisco (20 minutes from home)
My email addy is on my profile. Feel free to contact me and maybe we could meet!!!
Safe travels and congratulations!

Ann zei

such a marvelous trip you have planned!!!! i love Scottsdale!!! the Grand Canyon is fabulous!!!!Yosemite...my most favorite place in the entire world!!!!San Francisco..awesome! Los Angeles...born and raised!...New York and Niagara Falls and anywhere in Canada i would love to visit!!!!! Went to Washington Dc and to the Smithsonian in my teens..marvelous time!!! I am hoping you have a spectacular time here in the states and that you make many wonderful memories here!!
love,love you art!!!!
enjoy your vacation..it is a trip of a lifetime!!!

Kaylene zei

Dear Rian, love your wings, have a great trip I just know it will be everything you could wish for. Hugs.

Chris Arlington zei

I love both of your artwork !!!
I see that you are going to Toronto and Niagara so, you will be hopping over to Canada probably from New York. Have a wonderful, happy time. If you need assistance you can email me @chrisarlington3@gmail.com

Bon Voyage !

Grannie Annie zei

We will miss your awesome art Rian have fun...I love your first picture your such a cutie and the second one... well is it wrong to lust after angels what a gorgeous winged hunk lol

Lori Saul zei

Sounds like an awesome trip you have planned- my best to you and your family as you travel- your beautiful art is inspirational Rian!

Gayle Page-Robak zei


Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

Wish you a great trip!
Both creations are awesome!

Anoniem zei

How lovely that you get to take your children along! A really great way to celebrate. I hope you have a marvelous time!
Thanks for the winged hunk! I do like your first one--it is so relaxing.
Bon Voyage, Rian!

Junibears zei

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip! Gorgeous pics! xx

Karel zei

ha die Rian
moooie trip in de planning
geniet er van

Taluula zei

Ahhh, lovely Rian, take flight and have the most wonderful holiday. This is a very cool page, my friend.

Lynne zei

Fantastic work! A very striking image
Your holiday sounds amazing and so lovely that you are taking your family with you. Have a wonderful time.