woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses  /  THE SEA
Once upon a time.....
hidden deep on the seabed.....
Since long I had finally some time to follow this photoshop tutorial;
It wasn't easy because I made the background by myself
and finding the right bubble brush and other elements
took me some time as well.
But allez...for the first attempt, I'm quite satisfied :-))
Bubblebrush = cgrats DeviantArt  / Kissing seals = Google
Sofa = Beinspyred DeviantArt  / Texture JerryJones

20 opmerkingen:

Sim zei

Wouaouwouaouwouaouhhhh! I'm totally on my bom Rian!!!
You've spent a lot of time on this one... This masterpiece is worth it!
I wonder how you can do that! But don't tell me... You're arounded with mystery! Hihihi!
A huge hat-down from me my friend!

suzeeez zei

Adorable ! I love it :o)

abby j zei

Love this...it's sweet and funny!! Well done!!

Christine zei

Oh! They are so sweet! Love it.

Lori Saul zei

I love, love this one- so beautiful and an amazing creation Rian!

Judy zei

Very lovey-dovey, Rian, kissing seals - lovely bubbly effects!!

Bill zei

Awww. This is so cute! Lovely.

indybev zei

Beautiful underwater effect, Rian. I love your romantic little seals too!

Elizabeth zei

Je hebt goed je best gedaan, want het is schitterend geworden!! Erg leuke combinatie met die zeeleeuwtjes op de bank. Bedankt voor de link.

Junibears zei

I just adore those seals Rian! Beautiful underwater effect! Gorgeous! xx

Ellen zei

oh so cute, beautiful sunrays coming through the water and love the seals

Taluula zei

I am always 'going' to do the tutorials and never do, and then I see your lovely work, Rian, when you DO and you inspire me once again.

Liz zei

Awww, how absolutely cute this is

Deann zei

Fun and fabulous Rian I love your bubbles and your sea lions so much fun!

Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

What an amazing idea, so sweet and funny
are the kissing seals, love the fabulous bubbles background too.

Anoniem zei

Wow, Rian, this is superb, original and most creative.xx

Janny zei


johanna zei

oh so so so cute... i´m melting...

Lou Anne Hazel zei

Your work is so much fun! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial as well.

Electra zei

I love this, Rian!