zaterdag 9 februari 2013

After wééks not being able to PhotoShop...
here's my first attempt again :-)

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Reb-beltje zei

Kan je aan zien hoeveel emoties er in je freubels gestopt word.
Vind het prachtig om te zien...

Fijn weekend Rian

Karin zei

Prachtige creatie! Fijn weekend!

Sim zei

Yeeeeeees, You're here my hun! :D
You're first attempt is a perfect one!

Ineke zei

Ja Rain ,
Ik ben het helemaal met Nellie eens .
Een prachtige creatie en mooi om de emotie te zien .
Fijn weekend .
Liefs Ien

Elizabeth zei

Schitterende creatie!! Alles past weer perfect bij elkaar.

Lou Anne zei

This is so full of emotion! I hope you are doing well. Your work is amazing as always.

Kim zei

So sweet and very beautiful! xo

Nigéa zei

Happy you are back ! this is a beautiful creation, so much sadness, poor baby, it's really touching soul

suruha zei

Rian, you certainly haven't lost your touch! This is beautiful!
Miss ya! Patti started DW up again. We'd love to see you there when you are able. Take all the time you need. Sometimes, life puts us on hold from a lot of things, but, it is always necessary. I had my turn around the holidays. They passed. I pray for a speedy return for you, as well!

Patty Biermans zei

Lieverd, je hebt jezelf overtroffen. Prachtig werk!! knufzzz...peebee

deb zei

I love this! Beautiful!

Shoebutton zei

Creative and poignant. A wonderful creation

Shoebutton zei

Creative and poignant. A wonderful creation