zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Theme; Challenge by Artcreationsfriday.
I've searched and searched for a sort of sofa with the color from the background. Finaly I found it by "bibigreycat"
Further i used a personal photo from me and my twinbrother. The question is now...
WHO IS WHO ?? lol
The technique's I kept this time very simple, I just added picture over picture.

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Char zei

This is wonderful. That antique chouch is the best. Love it.

Faye zei

Beautiful, Rian. I think you are the one on the right in the picture because it looks like you have round collars. I love your art piece with the lovely sofa and the personal picture.

One of our fellow bloggers has a question that you are probably able to help her with. Please check out her question HEREThanks.

Yvonne zei

Absolutely brilliant!

Jean zei

Rian, Love that sofa! It fits perfectly with the background. This challenge was so beautiful it just needed a few elements to shine! You are adorable!

Cynthia zei

Oh Hooray! I'm glad you were able to use the translator and it worked - I wish I could get everyone to add it too! I think Adrian Vilette is fantastic too, and am glad that you enjoyed his site! The Grand Opening was really nothing - just a way for the person who began to market to promote it - there will be a judging of all the entries on June 2 and some kind of web festivities, but I don't know what.
Thanks for the great compliment - coming from you, I am very honored! I used to do a lot of painiting in acrylics, but now all my work is digital, I use PS Elements 6 and have cs3 but only use it for actions.
Thank you so much for the comments - Yours is just great - Twins! How great - how about the little clown? Such a delightful pic!

Ineke zei

Hoi lieve Rian ,
Lekker meis dat je er weer bent , die pc ook altijd met hun kuren. Wat een schitterend werkje heb je weer gemaakt .
Ik denk dat jij de rechtse bent en de linkse je tweelingbroer. Mooi gedaan meis .
Hier gaat ook alles zijn gangetje weer .Ik ben in de tuin bezig met alles weer een beetje fleurig te maken .Las dat jij ook een behoorlijk rommel in je huisje krijgt met je vloer en zo .Doet me inderdaad weer denken aan onze verbouwing .Is alweer 2 jaar geleden .....gaat snel he .
Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend .
Liefs en een dikke knuffffffff .

Femmy zei

geweldig!!! die sofa doet het hem !!! wat ook een mooi idee om éen persoonlijke foto te gebruiken.
fijn weekend!!!

vintage wil zei

Och Wat een schattig kaartje geworden!!
dat bankje is so gaaf!!

stamp and scrape zei

Thank you so much Rian for offering to help me.

I've just spent over an hour looking at 3 pages worth of your blog with my mouth wide open - my goodness you are so talented! So much of your time is spent researching the right images, and then there's assmbling them.

I really appreciate the tutorials, and will come back later when my head's stopped spinning!

I love the way you picked out the yellow for the couch - what a fabulous collage.
Ros zei

Wat een geweldig idee om 'n foto van jezelf te gebruiken. Samen op de sofa...zo'n prachtig plaatje is dit.
En...ik zal je tip ter harte nemen en eens uitproberen of me het lukt het plaatje/kaart uit te vergroten.

Anoniem zei


Stacy zei

How adorable is this! I just love your personal touches! Wonderful!