woensdag 10 juni 2009

Just in a grungy mood :-)

Tut. & Credits

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Jean zei

Rian, Wow!!! I just love all the vibrant colors in this work of art!! I missed you! I'm glad to see your back producing again and with a big splash!! This collage is so beautiful!

daisy zei

I like you in a grungy mood!

This is fabulous. Her eyes really stand out & the mixture of colours is wonderful.

And thank you for sharing the process & images used to create your pieces. I luv trying to find where everything is!

Taluula zei

Rian I'm blown away with this wonderful collage you are soooooo creative and talented and the tut is superb. Your graps of Photoshop is astounding.

Would it be possible for me to emulate this way of crediting etc?

Stacy zei

Just caught a glimpse of this in the thumbnail on my blog and knew it was Ava Gardener - even with the blue eyes! Ava is a wonderful subject and you have created a standout piece here!

indybev zei

This is gorgeous, Rian. The color blend is superb. My thanks to Stacy, who mentioned Ava Gardner's name in her comment, otherwise I'd have spent the rest of my day trying to remember her name!!! I agree with Taluula -- your agility with Photoshop is admirable!

Ineke zei

Goedemorgen Rian ,
Wat heb je weer een mooie crea gemaakt .
En lekker aan het genieten van je mooie en gezellige huisje?
Meis ik kom jou ook een fijn weekend wensen en mijn blogje komt ook wel weer .
Heb er even de zin en inspiratie niet voor .Ben meer in mijn tuintje bezig .
Maar kom goed :-)
Fijne dag liefs en een knufffff