woensdag 18 november 2009

Such as a lot of you probable do, I'm also frequently in search to find images that i can use for my "freubels".
When i can't find them in my 'culture/art' books (or in the books of my sister) I surf many evenings on the internet.
Hours long you find nothing that is 'fancy' and then unexpectedly something falls into your lap !
Until yesterday evening I had never heard of Ernst Haeckel ! Whereas I was searching of botanical flowers, Mr.Google showed me a book of lithographic and autotype prints by this German biologist.
My god...these were BRILLIANT !! Unique ánd Spectaculair !!
Perhaps that someone of you knew him already but for me it was a "WANNA-HAVE".
I've surfed immediately to Wikimedia to learn more about this man and his Art and saw that his images where placed in the commons-sector.
And however i'ts NOT MY KIND OF THING to steal images of wiki (and then make a collage sheet to SELL them !!) Grrrrr...
I have made a exception this time. I only cut them out for those persons who also like his art and to share it (ofcourse) as a "FREEBIE". This one, I don't claim as my own !!
I only hope that you will enjoy the art of Ernst Haekcel, just as I do.
> HERE < you can find the "KUNSTFORMEN DER NATUR".
> HERE < the page on Wiki.

The Art of Ernst Haeckel can be downloaded on my website.

And i have also made another Botanical Collage Sheet.
Also free to download and to use in your art. Enjoy !!

4 opmerkingen:

Judy zei

Gorgeous surreal piece, Rian, thanks for the freebies, too, can't wait to use the beautiful images!

Lucy zei

Thankyou so much...you are so generous! These are wonderful!

Terri Kahrs zei

Your collage is fantastic, Rian. Where else would you find Ruebens' children sleeping?!?!? Of course, they would be found in a fantastic flower!!! LOVE it! Hugs, Terri xoxo

peppapig zei

These are wonderful,thankyou!!