dinsdag 17 november 2009

Theme; Challenge by The Three Muses. / KEY
Two options came up to my mind for this weeks challenge.
First; it was my intention to photographing my own hand with my keys, but (as usual) the time did'nt allow me to do that.
Second; i considered to design a (naughty) key-RING. Something quit similar like the "bad taste bears" LOL. (i LOVE them :-))
Which option won?
Mwhua..."Freubel stays civilized....this time !
Part one of my entry...

Part two / playing with watercolor brushes.

Credits with a few "Work in Progress" screenshots.

22 opmerkingen:

Ozstuff zei

Rian, I love the "naughty" you but I also love the "civilised" you! Your key and lock picture is stunning - both versions, although I think my favourite is the darker one. What a great idea to show the hand with the key through the lock. Fabulous work.

Lori Saul zei

Beautiful piece Rian, wonderful surreal quality- a hint of dreamscape as well- wow!

Judy zei

Beautiful surreal pieces, Rian, love the effects you achieved with the same picture - brilliant art!

indybev zei

Your work is such an inspiration and amazement to me, Rian. I love the view of the hand through the keyhole,-- a very creative approach. As always, beautifully done! (Sorry it kept you up waiting for me to wrestle my photo onto Blogger! I'm just glad they got it fixed as quickly as they did.)

Diana Evans zei

oh wow!!! wonderful piece...I love it!!! Your work is so surreal!!!

lovely job!!!!

Sandy zei

Oh wow wow wo wow wow Rian these are amazing.
Unbelievable design. Love them.

johanna zei

oh my, what a dramatic effect on the first one! i think i would choose this one as the favorite, but the other variation is interesting, too!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Both pieces are gorgeous! The watercolor brush application is stunning!

AliMayes zei

Fabulous yet again Rian - your imagination knows no boundaries - I couldn't pick a favourite!

WrightStuff zei

This has such a surreal quality. You always surprise. Love looking at your work!

Rosie zei

You shoulda been naughty!!!! No, seriously, I love this Rian! And also was interested in your Ernst Haeckel tale... I shall check that out later! Brilliant work!

Taluula zei

Naughty or nice, which ever you do, you do it with panache. These are both exquisite but I think I like the watercolour one the best.


LiveArt zei

Love your creative pieces!! dreamy and surreal and fantastic!!


José zei

Prachtig! Dromerig, geheimzinnig.

Alberta zei

The surreal quality of this image and the fantasy atmosphere totally captures my imagination. I love the way you used a variety of effects, and, like Marie, I think I like the dark one the best. I also really love all your fresh, creative work with botanicals.

Effie zei

Another fab piece, I love it!..... one of these days I'm going to learn to do diogi!

Martina2801 zei

Great interpretation of the theme! Splendid artwork!

Elizabeth Golden zei

I love them both. The keyhole is wonderful. I hope you own that. Outstanding digital work!

lorhen82 zei

I think I like the darker one better, but they're both wonderful! You always do great work! ~Lori

Leila Gervais zei

This has a very surreal feel to it for me....and I LOVE surrealism. Great piece!

vintage wil zei

What a wonderful piece!!!

Jamie zei

This is a beautiful art piece Rian. Love, Jamie