donderdag 18 februari 2010

It frequently occurs that, when I am in search of images to use for my art...
that Mr. Google presented me incredibly and fascinating websites.
Perhaps that you, the "accidentally passer-by" is also interested what wondered me ? Then please feel free to click this links and enjoy.
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Just as the little blogbanner that I've made to announce a free collage sheet, I've made another one to recognise this post with inspirational LINKS)

1) Foxfires Art / Aimee Stewart. In 1999, Aimee started dabbling in website design. By 2005, she had made the leap from simple graphics to experimental photomanipulation.
2) Zena Holloway / underwater photographer and director. You have to see her (under) waterbabies !
3) Beinart / A International surreal collective.

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Anoniem zei

thanks so much forn sharing these :)
Hugs June xxxxx

In the Light of the Moon zei

Wow..Zena just amazing!!!As always thanks for sharing!!Cat