vrijdag 19 februari 2010

Theme; Challenge by Art Creations Friday.
I had a hard time coming up with ideas for this background so I've decided to manipulate it. I hope it's forgiven Wil ?
How I did this you can read on the tut. that is incluced with my screenshots "Work in Progress".
At the end I've add a filter/render/spotlight to create more sphere.

Perhaps there is someone with a title/text idea for this image?
I has so much fun with this woman hihi.

a little tutorial and "Work in Progress"

Thanks kindly for looking. Rian xxx

23 opmerkingen:

Faye zei

Rian, how very clever! I found the background and enjoyed seeing the action you show in your art piece.

indybev zei

Finding the background was a challenge here! I could not laugh at the lady's predicament...it is so like something that would happen to me!! As always, your layering and blending is remarkable.

Judy zei

That is so funny, Rian, still giggling, if I come up with a title I will let you know - you are so full of wacky ideas!

Sandy zei

Oh wow what a great transform of the background. Fantastic creation. Love them.

Kelly zei


Gayle Page-Robak zei

Awesome...excellent artwork.

Jackie zei

Fantastic, Rian! Wasn't sure whether I should laugh or feel sorry for the woman!

vintage wil zei

Wat een prachtig werk weer ! zo grappig!!!

Femmy zei

oh, weer geweldig! wat een humor!! ligt ze nu omdat ze gevallen is of is het pure frustratie en op de grond mept met haar vuist omdat ze de trein gemist heeft??

Anneke zei

fantastisch gedaan en super mooi geworden

Marie-Aimée zei

amazing creation

Elizabeth Golden zei

You are so clever. I really enjoy the humor you add to each piece. You guarantee a smile.

Hermine zei

Heel apart, moest even zoeken naar de achtergrond. Wat een geweldige scene heb je daar neergezet, kan zo in een film.

Evelyn S. zei

The woman is a wonderful feature in this fabulous scene you've created!

Ellen zei

oh wat ben je toch een heerlijk mens, ik weet altijd dat er hier iets wonderbaarlijks is gecreeerd en vol met humor.

prachtig is ie weer.

Diana Evans zei

oh wow!!! these pieces are fantastic!!!

Shelle zei

oh it's a good thing i don't have photoshop yet..i spend 1/2 my day already on the computer. You work is awesome...and that looks like me over the years...always running for trains and planes for work.

Shelle zei

this is a long title........

if you miss the boat....try the train!

Kris Dickinson zei

Such a wonderful, creative piece!

Debby zei

This is just so awesome, love your creation.

MOI... zei




PiecesofD zei

This is such a fun image! There's a commercial in America for a medical alert device for the elderly. It shows an elderly lady on the floor and she's calling out, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" That's what I thought of when you asked for title suggestions.

NancyB zei

I was thinking on the same lines as PiecesofD's comment...."Life Alert would really come in handy right now." ok thats too long LOL umm uhhh..."Life Alert really works! It broke my fall!" Ooops even longer.. ok kidding..."Help! I left my Life Alert at home!." I better hush now hee hee! xoxo