maandag 9 mei 2011

Theme: Challenge TakeAWord / CHOCOLATE

You probably will not believe me but I realy don't like chocolate.
I'm not fond of sugar, candy, and sweet food at all !
The only time I drank hot chocolate milk was when I was pregnant with my children ! I can assure you that hormones were quite confused !! LOL

A few printscreens "Work in Progress" Part 1

A few printscreens "Work in Progress" Part 2

And finaly, the important Credits !

22 opmerkingen:

Grannie Annie zei

A woman after my own heart...I love the way she really gets into her chocolate...beautiful work my dear!!!

Yvonne zei

Fabulous, Rian!

Ozstuff zei

You are a rare bird indeed, Rian! Not like chocolate? You know all the chocolate-addicted ladies are going to hate you.
Your take on the theme is priceless. I love it. Wonderful artwork.

"MOI" Freubel zei

@ Marie.....
What you do not know is that all other food is not safe for me !!
whahaaaaa...yummy yummy chubby me !! LOL

© LoeS © zei

ZONDE!!! ;)




indybev zei

The steps to create this masterpiece make my head spin, Rian. You are a master at manipulating photos! BRAVO

Judy zei

Love hot chocolate, love the red hair & you've even got my fave grunge look with the choccy slurps!!! Rian's created a masterpiece again - bravo!

LynnF zei

that's the way to have your chocolate...full of zest! It's ok if you don't like chocolate cause we love your artwork! Super! Thanks for joining in!

Kaylene zei

Oh can eat your chocolate, great image

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Exceptional artwork. Always the best, Rian! Love it!

The Karma Trading Co. zei

Great work!!

Christine zei

I love chocolate, but I don't hate you! In fact, despite of the mess, she looks quite happy to me. Love to see the step-by-step. Thanks!

vilterietje zei

mmmmmmmmm.....ziet er zo lekker uit! ik lust ze in alle soorten, melk, wit, puur, chocolademelk, op soezen, noem maar op:)

Marja zei

Hoi, mmm chocolate Great work Love the chocolate spilling over Doei

Junibears zei

Fantastic work Rian. I'm drooling! xx

linda zei

Oh My, that IS hot! I love the way you altered the font!

Anoniem zei

Messy girl but chocolate pornography at its best! LOL
I love that you led us through the many steps it took to achieve this wonderful art.

johanna zei

fantastic collage! i can´t resist chocolate...

Ana Cristina Caldatto zei

que belissima colagem
detalhes lindos!

Terri Kahrs zei

OMG! I think you're the first woman I've ever known that doesn't like a bit of chocolate now and then! Love your interpretation of this theme - awesome work, Rian! Hugs, Terri xoxo

peggy gatto zei

Fabulous interpretation!!! I can go without chocolate, but every once in a while I love hot chocolate with marshmellows!

Bill zei

Oh dear! Is she a chocolate vampire? She's drooling all over! Fun collage!