woensdag 4 mei 2011

Theme; Challenge The Three Muses / STRIPES
It's been a while since I've made a 'messy' grunge portrait.
For this weeks challenge I've used a lot of diagonal striped images which I've download at CGtextures.com (one of my favorite websites)

Credits vintage woman = Angela Kennedy at Creative Souls.

25 opmerkingen:

ann zei

WOW this is gorgeous and so grungy !!

LW zei

Intriguing … I wonder what she is thinking…
Love the idea and colors of this artwork.


Kaylene zei

Yes they are grungy and a great interpretation.

indybev zei

This is fascinating, Rian. So very well done, mysterious and creative. Thanks so much or joining us this week. I always enjoy your talent!

Ozstuff zei

I love "messy, grunge pictures" and this one is superb, Rian. I love the muted colours and the diagonal effects. Take a bow because here comes a standing ovation!!

Christine zei

Superb! You can do grunge more times.

Judy zei

I love grunge and i love this especially, Rian, you 'do' it so well!

Grannie Annie zei

Your grungy stripes are wonderful Rian...this picture is so intense and edgy I love it!!!

peggy gatto zei


Angela Kennedy zei

This is so awesome! I don't even recognize her. It looks amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with me!

Bill zei

I love, love, love this picture! Probably because I love grunge!


Lizbethem zei

Oh, Wow, Rian, this is too fantastical! I love it.

Missouri's Lilac zei

What an interesting edge and an emotionally intriguing piece. The colors and image are beautifully matched. :)

Karel zei

is dat een nieuwe reep ofzo
mogge Rian
messy is het zeker , dach dat jij netter was maar kreeg al twijvels toen je die poppen zo onder modder deed haha
ik wens je een fijne dag

Junibears zei

Lovely grunge and quite a mystical look. beautiful work Rian.xx

Rosie zei

I LOVE this Rian! You are the Grunge-meister! xoxo

vilterietje zei


see you there! zei

Great! Lots of color, lots of texture.


Melisa zei

Grungy and wonderful!

linda zei

Simply fabulous grunge. I love all the angles of the stripes.

johanna zei

fantastic! love your grungy stripes!

Jackie zei

What a wonderful collage, Rian. I love all the texture.

Karel zei

ik moet lachen
de pps sturen naar de boeren hier in holland krabbel jij
wist niet dat je verhuisd was hihi

Terri Kahrs zei

WOW! Just look at all of these awesome comments, Rian!!! And you deserve every one of them for this fabulous piece!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Marja zei

Great stuff very interesting groetjes