zondag 17 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge Take A Word / FLIGHT
My thoughts took me along on this....F-light :)
Fly away from the Light to an uncertain future.
I came to this idea because I wanted to practise word-art
in a more striking way.
And ! Because I discovered this website ! http://www.designfreebies.org/
Mostly I use my own textures or images to create (with a clippingmask) my word-art but when I found these fractal and abstract styles,
my greed took over :)
I had to download and instal them into my PS version. So easy !!

CREDITS and a few printscreens "Work in Progress"

Yesterday...Johan went to camp with the scouts for one week.
Today...Mama would have celebrated her 86th birthday but now we all go visit her grave. We received the news that the tombstone was ready
just intime !!
Precisely at this moment...I control this post before publishing and suddenly realise that the letter F (from Flight) could symbolize Mom who's flying away ! My subconscious took over :)

18 opmerkingen:

indybev zei

What a striking piece, Rian. Beautiful color contrast. Nice way to remember Mom.

Kaylene zei

A unique take on the challenge, bravo

Grannie Annie zei

Gorgeous Rian I love the colors especially the purple...cool and different!!!

Lori Saul zei

Beautiful piece full of spacial color and light. It is an inspiration Rian!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Fabulous artwork, Rian. Gorgeous.

Karel zei

so easy
ja m'n neus maar niet heus
Rian het is een pracht ding / iets wat geen idee
maar jij gaf het een pracht van een symbool
geniet de dag hopelijk ff droog als jullie daar zijn

Junibears zei

A wonderful piece Rian. Happy memories of Mom! xx

johanna zei

fantastic play on the word!!

Ozstuff zei

A wonderful piece of art, Rian. The colours are magnificent and the underlying meaning, remembering your mother, is very special.

Judy zei

Lots of 'ooohs & ahhhs' from me, Rian, love the sharp vibrancy of your piece! Beautiful way to remember your beloved Mother!

Anoniem zei

Fabulous piece, Rian! Love that you show how you did it. God rest your dear mother.

Taluula zei

Oh, Rian, what a wonderful post and I think your lovely Mother would love that you have interpreted her leaving as the F flying off. Fabulous work my friend.

Faye zei

Rian, this is beautiful and it is symbolic. You've done a gorgeous job with the word art.

Willy zei

Wat een fantastische interpretatie van de challenge, Rian!

Jackie zei

Great lettering and colours, Rian - it looks great!

Bill zei

I like it a lot! Very abstract and beautiful!

Ana Cristina Caldatto zei

ahh good play with words!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Love your flying "F" and the colors are fabulous.